July 10, 2008

Someone to rely on =)

Back in UTP, when i feel like i need someone, i dont have many people to rely on..especially to burst out my true feelings...one or two..but most of the time only ONE, Miza and Jijah. Thanks girls for lending me ur ears and hands.. I appreciate it a lot~ (^_^)

For now, since i stay with my parents, of course i have them to cheer me up, and sumtimes even if i dont have to say anything, they seems understands and always keeps me smile..

Now, i have another group of friends, extra ordinary people that whether they realize it or not, they make me feel so relief when i meet them~ i can forget all my hard times and tense at work..these people, comes from different occupational background, including me, bank managers, engineers, doctors, production operators, teachers, businessman, supervisors, contractor class A, technicians, despatch, and a lot more, but the best part is, we can always meet together to discuss, motivate each other, comfort each other, earn money together, help each other. seat together at coffee house, share ideas to improve our lifestyle for future. they help me a lot~ each one of us is like our family. when one of us had trouble from car breakdown, accident, financial problem, sick or friend's family has passed away these people will always there to help each other. For happy times, birthday, wedding, anniversary, we will celebrate together. out of our busy life during daytime, we stil have time for each other.. nice rite~ (^_^)

At work, I have these group of friends that really understanding and cheerful.. We hang out together, share thoughts and they are special ;) I am so thankful to have them in my workplace, because without them, my workplace will become very very dull dull dull..believe me! (maybe that's why our upper management dont want to let them go..haha)

And from distance, my dear is always by my side to hear all the stories of mine from day to midnight...from my first year in UTP until now.. Even if we are miles away, but i still feel like he is here...so i dont feel lonely~ love him..

So whatever comes, for now, i can overcome all the fears, all the tears, all the loneliness, all the difficultiness that i've faced when i was in university. if back then i took days to calm my self, now i take seconds to recover ;) amazing, right? how external support can influence my internal motivation and indirectly change my life~

@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@

July 8, 2008


Nothing to write..i've been very very very busy lately..seriusly no time to complete all the drafts in this blog..

Busy for sumthing i find it very wasteful to do! hate the management people of company! ask us to do silly nonsense things while it can be done straight without any hustle...we dont even paid for it..we dont even being evaluated for it... If it is being rewarded takpala gak...ni just say "POSPONED" for another time which is not REALLY SUITABLE!!!! Klau tugas hakiki takpa la gak..ni NOTHING...not even included in our performance..!!!! Buat biasa2 dah! Ni nk grand cam hantu pastu posponed to another when ia dh complete 85% plus announce last minute!!!!! Cam hantu punya leader! Hate him!!! Klau gaji besar tak pa gk...pujian pn idak..apatah lg len2..

I dont care! I'll make sure he will down..down...down... Treat his stuff like whatever he wants..

Somehow, i learn something....He will never gain my respect anymore...and im sure he will never gain from anyone ever..!

Lack of employee welfare! You'll see....by end of this year..you'll seeee......

@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@
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