April 9, 2008


I love aromatheraphy..or sometimes called perfumes/fragrance/scents.. For me, different aroma will give different spritual effects..and even sumtimes it helps to maintain our emotion as well as our mind.

When i was in form 4, i was interested to wear a perfume like other girls did. But later i found out that i kept changing my perfumes..! None was really suits me..so in the end..i have a lot of perfume bottles that still half-full. When i was undergone my internship training at Penang. I have quite a good cash (i think..hehe) so thought i want to try new perfume..more expensive..well i thought maybe it was once in a life time.. (sy takdala mampu sgt nk beli yg mhal2 ni..hehe) So i bought Lancome Miracle. after sevel months wearing it..i think it suits me a lot better! I feel more comfortable and confidence..and it feels so great!

Why, fragrance gives us sumting like that..the feeling of alive..sweet...confidence..calmness.. So i read few of articles to know in detail about it. Here i share some of the information about aromatheraphy.. let's find out what's the benefits of aromateraphy..why a lot of rich women spends thousands of dollars just to have luxury aromatherapy in a spa.. ;)

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is derived from two words: "Aroma", meaning scent or fragrance, and "Therapy", meaning treatment. With origins dating back 5,000 years, ancient civilizations in China, Egypt and India have been using flowers, plants and their essences for healing benefits.

Aromatherapy is an art of healing based on nature. A basic principle of aromatherapy is to strengthen the self-healing process by indirect stimulation of the immunity system. The usage intensity of essential oils is extensive, ranging from deep and penetrating therapeutic treatment to the subtlety of a unique and pleasing fragrance.

The basic intention of Aromatherapy is to bring together the scientific achievements of man with his intuitive understanding for the treatment of illnesses with the most effective and useful natural essential oils

Aromatherapy is an ancient yet timely and stunningly modern approach to total well-being that is in tune with nature.

The Practice of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a way to improve the quality of life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Essential oils can be used to enhance health as well as the quality of life

Essential oils are aromatic, highly concentrated, non-oily essences that are extracted from herbs and plants. Their purposes encompass both the physical aspects such as relaxation of muscles through massage to the emotional aspects of uplifting moods. On a spiritual level, essential oils are beneficial for meditation and general feeling of well-being.

The idea behind aromatherapy is, first, to find scents which are unique for each individual, that evoke positive sensory feelings and emotions, and then introduce these scents into our everyday life to enhance holistic well-being.

Natural scents keep us connected to the earth, sparking pleasant memories and emotions.

Only the utmost quality of essential oils should be used in aromatherapy. The majority of essential oils produced in the world market are used in the food flavor and fragrance industry, so essential oils are often found on the market adulterated with similar essential oils, chemicals and synthetics, as well as extenders such as dipropylene glycol. Unfortunately, even the type used in food can be adjusted with chemicals from a natural source and still legally be called natural.

Therefore, it is wise to purchase only from a reputable aromatherapy source.

Why Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils, extracted from many parts of the plant (flower, leaf, resin, bark, twig, seed, berry, ring and rhizome). They are generally classified as citrus, floral, earthy, spicy, resinous or woody.
Aromatherapy is both an art and a science. It is an art because of the intuitive and creative aspects of preparing various blends of essential oils, and a science because it relies on scientific knowledge during extraction processes. Indeed, each method of extraction gives a different product, as each process extracts different constituents from the plant.

Thus, aromatherapy is not about "nice fragrances" but rather it is a complete system of healing which, when properly used, helps to relax, re-establish "homeostasis", or harmony, in the body and to achieve a state of equilibrium whilst promoting and maintaining good health and vitality. Essential oils work in harmony with the body to normalize and balance.

The Therapeutic Effect of Aromatherapy

The therapeutic effect derived from aromatherapy is to enhance and strengthen the internal healing process. This action occurs through an indirect stimulation of an individual's immunity system.

Lampe Berger Essential Oils contain therapeutic properties such as anti-virus, anti-inflammation, pain relief, anti-depression, as well as expectorant qualities. The essential oils can also stimulate, relax, aid digestion or have a diuretic affect.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has origins dating back 5000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians were the first to practice it by using the method of infusion to extract oils from aromatic plants.

Aromatherapy was also widely used by the Chinese, Romans and Greeks. In the present day, aromatherapy has experienced a revival, seen as an alternative therapy. Though it cannot replace traditional medicine, its holistic properties bring about healing to the mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy can boast your spirits. It is known to help depression, frustration, grief, hysteria, anxiety, insomnia and even poor memory. Its medical benefits include alleviating fatigue and respiratory conditions such as cold, flu, sore throat, asthma and bronchitis. More importantly, aromatherapy purifies the air, improving its quality.

Essesentials Oils

There are a lot of essential oils in the market. But what i will listed here is the most common essential oils used in aromatheraphy.

These are examples of essential products produced by DCHL company, one of the best company that produce aromatheraphy, received many awards for their best products. From here we know that every essential oil can give different effects to our body and air. Air is the most important source for human to live. Thus, the quality of air we breath in the body is very important. That's why people who live with smokers have can easily get sick than the smoker himself.


AntibacterianThis new fragrance helps prevent flu and cold infections thus helping improve respiratory conditions. It is able to suppress bacteria and eliminate up to 90 % of bacteria in the room. This effect can last up to 7 days. Anti-Bacterie improves overall ambience by giving a clean and fresh environment. Unpleasant odours and tobacco smoke are effectively removed by this essential oil.


LavendarThis essential oil is obtained from the flowers of the plant. It is an evergreen plant native to the Mediterranean area with lilac coloured flowers. Lavande is popular for its therapeutic uses. Lavande eases agitation, lowers blood pressure, calms and fortifies the nerves, relaxes the muscles, eases tension, gives a soothing sleep, improves respiratory functions, uplifts moods and regulates mood swings, disinfectant, repels insects.


EucalyptusThis essential oil is derived from the leaves and twigs of the tree, which is native to Australia. It is a popular fact that koala bears feed solely on the leaves of this tree. In the past, people who were ill moved to areas where the trees grew. Eucalyptus has traditionally been used as a medicine. The essential oil relieves asthmatic symptoms and respiratory canal infection, alleviates bronchitis and flu, cooling, stimulating to the nervous system, improves respiratory circulation, refreshing, reviving, stimulates mental activity and alertness, reduces pain and aching and sore muscles, disinfectant, repels insects.

Laurier Rose

Laurier RoseThis essential oil is a combination of the Bay tree leaves and rose petals. Bay is used to fragrance colognes and aftershave lotions, while rose is popularly used in women's perfumes. This is a refreshing fragrance, giving a calming effect and reducing stress. It improves mental alertness and sharpens the senses. Laurier Rose scent can be considered an aphrodisiac, giving a romantic atmosphere.


LotusThe fragrance of the lotus flower's essence is seen as a spiritual elixir. It helps in meditation by calming the mind; promoting peace, serenity and improving concentration, hence quickening spiritual evolvement. Additionally, lotus flower essence hastens recovery from illness by enhancing healing on every level of the human body.

The scent of the lotus flower essence also helps correct emotional imbalances by encouraging gentle release of emotions.


NeutreThis essential oil is from natural sources. It has no fragrance but purifies the air and replenishes fresh oxygen. Neutre eliminates odours and refreshes the environment in the room. It has a disinfecting action, suppressing bacterial activity. Neutre also effectively removes tobacco odours and helps dilute other strong scents in the room.

So i can say, aroma or fragrance is like a food to our soul/spririt..if they healthy..our body also become healthy.. =)

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I love lavender smell~

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panjangnya......tp sy tau aromatherapy mmg baik utk ksihatan..

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