December 30, 2008

Tag III - from Rai =)

Actually tak pandai sgt nk tag2 ni tp cm best je menatang wat je la (^_^)

1. Do you have secrets?
secret yg sy sorang tau xda la kot. tp yg sikit org tau..ada la ;)

2. Would you fall in love with a guy/girl younger than you?
nope. sbb nnt sy dh tua dia hensem lg..nnt kedudukan trgugat..hehe

3. What is your favourite animal?
eagle n rabbit (leh ke letak 2 wlaupun soalan tu kata 'is'?)

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
  • haji
  • married with him
  • a banglo facing the sea
  • a bmw car
  • supercomputer which i can play all fantastic games with him
5. Will you fall in love with your friend?
he was my friend (^_^)

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
being loved...then to love...

7. List your favourite movies
  • harry potter
  • titanic
  • ju-on
  • madagascar
8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
em..pasrah..sape suh secretly like..klau bgtau mesti dia unattached kn ;)

9. List 5 favorite TV shows
  • CSI
  • House
  • Operah Show
  • Desperate Housewives
  • American Next Top Model
10. Do you have any regrets?
yes...nyesal kwn dgn 'diorng' dulu..

11. Would you be the person that you are if you were to be reborn?
i want to be better person maybe..

12. What do you want the most at the moment?
my fav perfume..
him.. (^_^)

13. What kind of person do you think the person that tagged you is?
Rai? fun and unexpected

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
married la of coz.. what is poor? man said poor is "rumah sebandung, work with gov, monthly -+rm2000, a standard proton car, with 3-4 kids"

15. What is your favourite color?

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
i'll give 90% of my love n trust (^_^) - 10% left for curiosity

17. If you fall in love with two persons simultaneously, which one would you choose?
the one who can give me surprise n unexpected things..

18. Name the country you want to visit the most.
France n Japan

19. Name 3 things you would like to do but never able to.
Meet Sultan..
To go to moon.. ( i have this dream since i was 11..aiih...)

20. People I have tagged

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

December 29, 2008

Color & Personality?

Free time~
Semasa ketiadaan manusia kt umah ni + melahu tak tentu arah..tetiba terasa nk wat quiz ngarut2 kt since i've posted sumthing about color yesterday.. I think i want to do some quiz about color too.. ;)

First Quiz: They have this list of colors n asked me to pick my fav color in sequence from my most fav to my least fav n i have to do it twice or more accurate result i guess..

After some time, here's the result:

ColorQuiz.comamanda took the free personality test!

"Needs to feel identified with someone or something..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Second Quiz: Kind of similar..but with a little bit different style..stil i have to pick color and few questions based on my interest.

So, here's the result:

PROBLEM UNDERLYING THE PRESENT STRESS -- Seeks to avoid criticism and to prevent restriction of her freedom to act, and to decide for herself by the exercise of great personal charm in her dealings with others.

DESIRED OBJECTIVE -- Takes easily and quickly to anything which provides stimulation. Preoccupied with things of an intensely exciting nature, whether erotically stimulating or otherwise. Wants to be regarded as an exciting and interesting personality with an altogether charming and impressive influence on others. Uses tactics cleverly so as to avoid endangering her chances of success or undermining others confidence in herself.

CURRENT INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR -- Believes that she is not receiving her share -- that she is neither properly understood nor adequately appreciated. Feels that she is being compelled to conform, and close relationships leave her without any sense of emotional involvement.

Taken from: View Zone


Hrm...most of it is kind of true and reflect my true interior personality. It's just that sumtimes, my action dont really follow my real personality and what i wants..sometimes, i need adjust my decision and reaction based on my surrounding and environment. I treat my friends, my officemates, and family differently based on how they treat me. If they are nice to me, i can nicer than u think..but if they treat me sorry..i can be worst than u think..

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

December 28, 2008

Awal Muharram

Before Awl Muharram..

He come~~ (^_^) Excited sgt! (what else cn i say.. =P)
Dia bkn dtg semata2 nk jmpa sy pn, cuma sbb kebetulan ada sedara dia bertunang jd dia dtg dgn family nk hntr tanda tunang. So kesan sampingan nye dpt la jmpa dia selama 4 jam..blh la drpd tak jmpa langsung kn. hehe. Amik dia kt umah makcik dia then straight to BP Mall. tak msuk la kot umah tu sbb rmai sedara mara dia. Satu sbb segan sungguh2..pastu takkan org tgh siap2 nk gi hntr tanda kita nk dtg kenalkn diri.. Takpa2 akan tiba masanya nnt =D

Sy dh lama teringin nk msuk blik kecik yg comey utk tangkap gmbr then leh jd sticker tu.. ala kt area game sblh food court tu. Sblm ni ajak dia gi msa kt penang tp cm mhal tak logic lak. Td tetiba dia tnya nk tak tangkap gmbr kt situ..huhu..rasa cm tak sesuai lak umur nk msuk situ.. Dulu ms kite nk tu tgh muda2 lg..dlm 20 thn lg. Tp msuk gk la..tgk2 mesin tu nk 8 token, 1 token rm2.00 = rm16 smata2 nk tangkap gmbr comey..huhu. Pastu dh alang2 msuk dlm bilik tu, mestilah nk tangkap gmbr gk tp ktorng tak guna token, guna camera handphone tngkap gmbr! nk background dia yg cute2 tu ktorng msuk suma bilik2 comey tu n tangkap beberapa gmbr..hehe.. Okay what? Cuma takleh jd sticker la... =P

Then, tgk show tarian waltz (kot?) pasangan dak kecik chinese.. Hm...blh tahan best gk la..cuma sbb girls tu dak kecik even pkai baju seksi pn takda perasaan apa pn..hehe~

Ktorng plan nk tgk wayang kt cinema baru tu, tp xjd sbb masa..xkn dpt jmpa 4 jm nk abiskan tgk muvi, then nk men bowling pn tak sesuai nk borak2.. So we just sit at the food court for the last 15 mins and have a nice conversation.. =)

Takda apa yg menarik pn kt BP Mall tu just asal dpt jmpa n borak2, tangkap2 gmbr, then beli brg skit..pastu balik. Tp 4 jam yg sgt meaningful. Thanks~ (^_^)

At the same time, parents, angah n si kecik (adik bungsu) gi hntr hntr adik ke-3 balik UiTM Melaka. Kena hntr sbb brg dia byk sungguh! Klau tak, slalu dia nek bas je. Plus kali ni dia dh start duk luar, so mak nk tgk2 gk la cmna rupa nye rumah dia tu.

Sy? Sy xdpt ikut..satu: sbb seat blakang tu dh leh dikatakan penuh gk la..3 org kt blakang, suma punggung dh bsar2, klau msuk gk lg sorang, ada gk yg smpi umah nnt muncung sbb sakit punggung. dua: sbb sy ada misi lg bsar yg mmg lama dinanti2 kn hehe..

After Awal Muharram..

Sy singgah umah tuk, amik nasi pengantin dia bg. Then drive balik. Ingt nk balik lepas magrib tp tuk dh nk kuar b4 magrib, dia kata nk gi masjd. So sy kuar..sdihnya tak smpat smpai umah before magrib, jd tak smpt nk baca doa akhir tahun.. =(.

Smpi umah parents tak balik lg. So baca doa awal tahun sesorang.. ha melahu dok taip post for today ;)

He is headed to KL..personal matters katanya.. yela tuu..

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

Obsession of Color

Tak sure mcm mana color play a big role in our personality tp sepanjg sy idup ni..pilihan color utk setiap bnda yg sy beli berubah gk.. I used to like one color only, tp bla sy realize yg most of the time, the color that i pick dnt really follow my fav color, so i just follow my moods n dont have any fav color anymore..

Little girl: 7 - 17 thn

Sy suka sgt kaler biru! Tp bila sy tau rmai org suka kaler biru, sy tukar suka merah sbb tak nak suka kaler yg sama dgn org len. But somehow, each time sy pilih baju kurung/bracelet/sampul buku/botol2 syampoo/alas kerusi/accessories n etc.. most of the time mesti sy terpilih kaler biru instead of red.

Teenage #1: 18 - 19

At this moment, most of the time my hand n my head dont work together really well.. I want to pick blue but my head always said, "Why dont u pick pink instead, that dress looks better in pink". So im not really sure what color is my fav when people asked. Kdg2 rasa mcm, tgn tu amik brg2 yg bercolor pink/red tnpa go trought my mind..Tak sempat abis pk tgk2 kt kaunter dh byr baju/things yg brkaler tu... In the end, when i open my wardrobe, most of my clothes, my toiletries, are in red n car is red, my car kusyen is pink, my toys are in pink, sampul surat n buku are pink + blue.. I used to hate pink..huhu..

Teenage #2: 20 - 23

My interest started to change.. I like things in purple..and now I love purple so much! It's like obsession for purple..i want to buy evrything in purple..bracelet..clothes..anything..i even want my car to be purple but sadly, after the deal with the salesman, he said purple i have to take blue instead.

Adult-to-be: 23 and ??

It seems like my hand n my head is fighting again...huhu... Each time i want to pick purple clothes, my hand is like changing to pick yellow~orange color..and now, without i noticing it, i already have 4 pairs of yellow~orange baju kurung! I hate yellow! But somehow, my head said, "You looks great in yellow~".. hoho..really? Sy terpengaruh dgn pujian diri sendiri..haha! What can i say, so yellow it is (~_~)

Now, I plan to buy a new handphone n i'm stil thinking..should it be yellow or purple? It's like..I love purple but when my eyes look at the yellow stuff...somehow it makes me makes me smile... huhu..what's wrong with my lips..?

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

December 27, 2008

Tempah Baju - Anfa Butik

Ingt tak aritu sy ada ckp psl wat tempahan baju kt satu butik tu n ia sgt kemas n cantik [here].

Baru2 ni baru gi sana amik baju tempah yg dh siap. so sempat la amik gmbr.Sori lmbt tmptnya: Anfa Butik, Parit Raja...area2 KFC

Ada byk sbrnya baju yg tmph kt dia..cukupla org kata baju tu mmg menepati citarasa secukup rasa.. =)

And now..

sy dh jumpa satu lg tmpt best nk tmpah baju..mmg SGT selesa, baju repair pn dia buat cntik..! Kt dpn tmpat keja, G-Na tukang jahit. Jln Timah Sari...klau jln kt sini sure jumpa punya..tak susah..deret2 dgn pejabat pesuruhjaya sumpah.

Org kdg tnya.."cmna kau define org tu wat baju cntik..nama pn tukang jahit..mestila dia pndai jahit"

Ye ye..mmg dia pndai jahit, tp so far yg sy pegi, takda yg leh wat baju terletak n ngam utk bdn sy, org bdn kecik ni susah nk kata, susah nk cari tukang jahit yg wat baju ikut kata, slalu dia pndai2 je tmbh dh elok2 ukur 3 1/4 dia wat 3 1/2.. dh helo..even beza 1/4 inch pn beza okaay...

I'll post the pic bila ada nnt k ;)

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

December 26, 2008

Tag II - 7 wonders..

Tag from Rai again~~ ;)

7 ciri lelaki idaman anda

  • yg beriman n leh didik family dgn baik
  • yg leh join family dlm any event
  • yg suka wat jokes sbb sy serius orgnye.. ;P
  • yg suka wat sweet surprise
  • yg matured in decision-making
  • yg suka wat unexpected action
  • yg leh saling percaya n romantic sometimes (^_^)

7 Lelaki yang pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup

perlu kah? tak rmai sbnrnya..
  • watak anime, Mamoru (he is soo romantic...)
  • anarkin skywalker (tak ingt nama dia..but he's so cute~)
  • leonardo de caprio (pernah la dulu..sbb dia hensem tp skrg dh clash..huh)
  • jimmy lee (he looks tough..haha)
  • watak nicholas saputra dlm 'Ada Apa dgn Cinta' (he's unpredictable..)
  • keenu reeves (lhis face looks soo cool~)
  • my dear (for real...he has it n there but of coz..malay looks (^_^) )
7 perasaan sekiranya anda keluar dengan orang yang anda minati
  • very excited~
  • nervous
  • sgt bersemangat..haha..wlaupun pnat..
  • semua perasaan yg bersekongkol dgn 'kegembiraan'
7 tempat yang ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda
  • Langkawi
  • Pulau Pangkor
  • Aquarium dasar laut
  • Singapore
  • Disneyland (mana2 pn blh)
  • Eiffel Tower in France
7 barangan istimewa yang anda mungkin hadiahkan pada pasangan anda

is this suppose to be a secret? tp sy suka bg perfume, playstation, or his fav book.

7 lagu yang mungkin anda nyanyikan pada pasangan anda

Sy tak pandai nyanyi...but if i can..

  • One in a Million - Bosson
  • Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
  • Ku merindu - Ella f Shah
  • There You'll Be - Faith Hill
  • Lucky - Jason Mraz
  • Cinta Antara Kita - Duta ft Baizura Kahar
  • Only One - Yellowcard
Sy nk Raptor, Mrs-to-be Miza, Cik Aqeen ;)

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

Selepas Hari Krismas

Hari ni nk kata keja pn tak mcm keja...kami dibelenggu kesunyian...level 3, 3 org manusia je ada..level 2 sorang je ada...makhluk len? suma bercuti smpi awal muharam... Sedih? tak sedih sgt actually...sbb kelas pn takda..ala..klau wat pn, student amik cuti sendiri..sama je..

Nape tak cuti? Sbb kt umah pn xda yg menarik..parents xda, gi penang hntr adik gi UiTM Bkt Mertajam..iya dia dh wat keputusan nk pegi sana..hrap2 dia ok kt sana.. balik tak sure bila.. Smlm ingt nk melancong ke jb, tp apakan daya..situasi menghalang.. Rindu tahap dewi2~

oh ya..lupa nk bgtau..angah dh mula praktikal kt Syarikat Faiza, tugas: bungkus rempah..abis praktikal muka cm rempah, bdn bau rempah..mmg rempah ratus la..hehehehe. Dia amik food science@dietition. Actually leh je dia nk keja pegawai dietation kt hosp/keja pegawai jaga kualiti makanan kt munchy, tp faiza dh amik dia dulu, and dia dh teraccept. Takpa..kt situ dia blaja cmna nk handle keja dgn org bawahan..

Yg len cuti time krismas, faiza ni tak amik lak. Katanya, kita tak sambut krismas.. Huh..mmg la tak smbut tp pk la dr segi "CUTI". dh suma company amik cuti krismas, confirm time tu la kita nk rehat dgn family, dh klau dia tak bg cuti kt pekerja dia..tak ke kesian kt family diorng tak dpt nk bersama kluarga. bkn cuti tu mesti kena just the matter of being with family! Dh adik sy pn kena gi keja gk di saat suma org bergembira kt umah..huhu..

Hati meruntun nk joli2.. since keta takda. satu angah bawa, satu parents bawa. Jd trpaksa tunggu smpi angah balik. Ktorng gi bowling.. Plan nk ajak si bungsu tu gi tgk wayang, tp takda citer best.. Balik..tdur..

Hari ni keja..smbl blogging.. n beberapa keja opis yg perlu diselesaikan.. Carefour jom!!

Hati rindu rinduaan....

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

Staff Day 03 - Dancing in the Sea

Last day in PD.. ;)

Midnight stories...

Lps dinner tu sbnrnya kami jd burung hntu..lepak kt pantai smpi kul sekolah2 lak since suma ni single...jd we tot maybe ini mungkin akan jd kali terakhir ktorng leh bersama cmni b4 masing2 kawin nnt sure tak leh nk wat gile cmtu kn! ;) We dont take pic, it was really dark..we sat by the beach...on the sand...mkn junk food (dr hmper yg ktorng dpt..) and tell stories of ourselves.... how romantic~~~~ (^_^)

Next day..

We dont actually join the telematch..coz we were damn really tired tahap dewa tgn 8! But we stil want to enjoy our last day the way we takpa..ktorng ada wakil dr bt pahat gk yg join, tak silap Alin kaunselor n ...tak sure sape lg...fair la kot..sbb dia tak masuk zapin, and i know she likes outdoor activities like that (^_^)

Girls ada rancangan yg lbih baik...ktorng kempunan mndi pntai~ Org kata a picture speaks thousands words... ;)

After Lunch...

Lps lunch yg tak seberapa (sbb kalut2 nk balik), geng bas sekolah bertolak balik membawa pulang kepenatan n keceriaan (^_^)

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

Staff Day 02 - Zapin

Mlm tu..msing2 berdebar.. (atau sy sorang? huhu....)
Mmg sgt enjoy dgn diorg..never thought akan dpt such a sporting lecturers cm diorng ni..hehe

Utk kali terakhir kami praktis..n it was perfect! Ktorng peserta ke-7 drpd 8.

Somehow..masa performance...3 min pertama sgt beberapa min kalut2 skit..dgn kain tepi cm nk mis step..huhu.. Tp cmna mengatakan the performance was great but cm agak complex..haha..

Ktorng dpt tempat ke-3 utk persembaan. Overall..SGT BEST!!

At least, i've fulfill one of my dreams~~~ (^_^)

Before the performance:

Masing2 sibuk btulkan pakaian sblm msuk..hehe..

Ni suma nk cover nervous je ni! Eh..mana khairil? Ktorng je tau mana dia.. ;P

After the performance:

Penari2 Zapin (^_^) Suma Staff Bt Pahat
1. Suma penari@lecturer BP (left-girls: mimi, intan, ima, dy, azahana, rai; left-boys: azahari, khairil, hanis, adli)

Edited: suma cm puteri gunung ledang n pahlawan melaka..suka sgt gmbr ni~~~

2. Suma staff dr Bt Pahat


Actually, masa darjah 6 dulu, sy pernah terpilih msuk tarian utk Hari IbuBapa. Yg parents dtg tgk anak dpt anugerah kecemerlangan. Sy dh praktis seminggu siap dpt excuse tak msuk kelas lg..dpt row dpn lg..mmg suka sgt! Tp last day praktis..

my mistake takbgtau parents awal2, i thought i want to surprise them, tp tetiba kena beli sumthing utk pakaian. So sy terpaksa bgtau mak dgn harapan tak bgtau ayah..pastu mak lak kena minta duit kt ayah, so akhirnya once ayah tau je..trus tak bg sy msuk persembahan tu... =( Puas pujuk2...akhirnya tak dpt gk..klau gi gk nnt ayah tak nak pegi hari ibubapa tu..padahal sy akan dpt hadiah gk pd hari tu..mesti la nk parents tgk kn..

So, trpaksa inform cikgu hari tu gk sy tak dpt msuk tarian..kwn2 sedih je..n last minit tak sempat nk cari pengganti so diorng tukar formation..seb bek diorng memahami..

Since that day, i really wish i can do zapin dance in front of everyone at least once... =) Tp bla dh dpt...slah step lak..haha..takpalah.. But i really enjoy it! ;)


p/s: mmg darah gemuruh on stage..can't avoid it..sorry guys..huhu.. (~_~)
@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

Staff Day 01 - PD here we come

Menari di hadapan audience yg rmai is one of my wishlist since i was in standard 6.

Why? Because that's my dream..i guess my childhood dreams is coming true one by one.. even though i'll add new wishlist each time...but i wish i can make all my childhood wishlist come true except going to the moon..? haha...will it be possible? we never know... ;)

So, last weekend para staff company sy ada staff day. It suppose to be a 'family day' tp atas beberapa sbb yg tak dpt dielakkan, cuma staff day. Wat kt Port Dickson..tu dh jd tmpt wajib kptm..apa2 je wat situ..bek kursus, bengkel, induksi, segala aktivit nk wat situ...mcm ada sentimental value kt penduduk kptm ni agaknya.. =P

Tiba around kul 3pm. Ada lebih kurang 18 org staff yg pegi dgn bas. Smpi2 je kena beratur panjang..tak msuk citer kul 5 baru dpt bilik hotel lg...mmg masak aa berpanas kt situ.. Tp tu suma normal bg makhluk2 kptm ni..delay2 ni perkara biasa.. Dlm kesibukan kota tu, kami msih sempat tersenyum gembira (^_^)

Tp tu suma tak sebrapa..kul 5 lepas dpt bilik, msuk bilik kejap then trus kuar smula utk tele-match. Tak sanggup rasanya lutut ni nk ikut suma telematch hati ni berkobar2 nk berlatih tarian.. Rupanya bkn sy sorang, diorng suma pn sama..mata bersinar2 tak sabar nk test step kt atas stage tu..hehe.. Bersemangat seh lecturer bt pahat! haha!

B4 balik bilik, ktorng belek kotak accessori tarian yg k reen bg. Rupanya dlm tu lengkap suma.dgn rantai, crown, brooch, roses...perh..mmg mantap! Mata kami bersinar penuh harapan mlm tu akan sgt menarik.. (yelah..tak penah2 masuk tarian..pakai gaya gitu..over la skit..hehehe)

Mlm tu........

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

December 14, 2008

UiTM or Politeknik?

adik sy yg sorang ni satu2 nya adik yg dpt pegi merata tempat utk blaja wlaupun setiap tmpat tak sempat panas punggung pn..huhu. Okay cite nya cmni..just nk mnta opinion klau blh.. =>

Adik sy sorang ni lepas SPM tahun lepas, dia dpt result ok2 je..takda la bgus sgt pn..cuma 6 As. Tp lepas 3 bln dari result spm dia tak dpt mana2..dia sungguh rsau yg amat.. Cm biasa la..kolej2 swasta berebut2 hntr pamplet n call utk offer tp dia sesuai dgn minat dia. Tp ntah cmna..dek kerana kerisauan yg amat tak dpt mana2 (sbb suma kakak2 dia as soon as result kuar dh dpt offer..tu yg dia rasa sedih..aiihh...), dia pasrah n pilih kolej yg tak pernah terfikir dek kami. Ktorng dh ckp dh, tunggu je smpi bln 11 ke..mungkin dia rasa tak best menganggur SPM lama sgt..kwn2 dia rmai dh msuk..

Akhirnya dia amik keputusan utk terima je kolej pelik tu.. Kolej Cybernatics.. <--btul ke?

Memula bestla..ia duk in de middle of KL, kwn dh ramai.. Tp..biasala..nama pn kolej swasta, duit pn sedap gk..pastu cm ada unsur2 nk menipu pn ada. Dia jnji course yg adik sy amik tu (Hotel and Katering) ada MQA, rupanya bla disiasat btul2, course tu blm ada MQA and dlm process utk dptkn MQA. okay..fine..tunggu punya tunggu..dh hmpir 3 bln, dgr citer rmai kwn2 dia yg dh benti..mak pn dh risau sbb klau takda MQA, sia2 je dia blaja ber'sem2 nnt..dh susah nk kuar.. Pulak tu ada lak sedara yg anaknya dh blaja 2 thn dgn course yg takda MQA pastu kuar tak di approve oleh mana2 company..huh! Last kami sekeluarga buat keputusan nk kuarkn dia secepat yg mungkin sblm diorng mkn duit ktorng lg byk!

Tp diorng licik mungkin sbb rmai dh kuar dr kolej diorng , sblm sempat ktorng cancel PTPTN, diorng dh cepat2 call PTPTN n suh adik sy sign beberapa document yg membolehkn PTPTN byr yuran pd diorng tanpa approval dr parents. Yg adik sy ni pn satu..innocent tak bertempat, pegi sign tanpa bncang pnjang dgn skrg menanggung hutang dgn PTPTN. Sbb PTPTN dh byr pd kolej tu. Klau PTPTN tak byr lg, ktorng tak payah byr yuran kolej tu sbb tak smpi sebulan pn adik sy blaja. Klau nk sue pn tak cukup doc yg blh ktorng bntangkn sbb adik dh sign doc tu.

Good for her, she got Politeknik JB dgn course yg dia minat gk. Well, seems not really suitable with her result, but she really want that course. Uni? ntah knapa dia tak dpt uni...yg hntr application letter uni tu dulu kaunselor dia, dan suma kwn2 sekolah dia dulu, yg mana appliation letter dihntr oleh kaunselor pn tak dpt mana2. So alternative, ktorng apply skali lg dgn harapan mungkin dia blh dpt nnt, wlaupun lmbt.. Tp lpas pk2 blik..drpd tunggu uni yg tak tau ntah dpt ntah tidak, dia pn accept offer polilteknik JB. Good thing are, kwn2 dia ada yg dpt sana, ada org tlg tgk2 kn dia (en azam..hehe), then asrama n tmpat mkn dia dekat (compare to kolej cybernatic tu) dan dekat la jugak dgn umah. So, hidupla dia dgn bahagianya kt politeknik jb tu sehinggalah hari ni....

But NOW...another good news! She got offer from UiTM Bkt Mertajam!! Huhu..wlaupun agak la. So here it goes.. Dia skrg dip kt politeknik. kira dh abis satu sem dh pn. Bgusnya dia dekat dgn fmily, pastu klau pindah, cost lg.. Klau lepas dip nk trus keja, harapn besar gk kot sbb poli ni more to hands-on. Klau kt amik dip. kt UiTM, dr segala segi mcm suma bgus tp jauh la skit..mkn+minum free, leh further degree senang..

Dia kna register kt UiTM tu 26hb Dis ni. (cepatnya~~) So far, ktorng setuju utk dia pegi.. or any other suggestion?

Sy dulu tak byk tempat pegi.. Klau angah pn time sekolah men. dia pegi 2 sekolah, then after spm dia pegi 2 tmpt. Ain pn sama..berpindah pindah... achik ni lg la..merata.. Cm best je dpt pindah sana sini ek..hehe..

Sy dulu mcm ikut flow yg ditetapkan mengikut piawaian. Sek Men kt one of the best school in Batu Pahat (daerah je pn..hehe) skrg sek tu dh jd cluster school -> dpt MRSM Mersing (pioneer kt situ...tanah msih merah llg..blum habis rata..haha) -> dpt SPC trus msuk Universiti Teknologi Petronas (masa tu tak pernah dgr pn nama uni tu..rasa terpencil jek. Dh msuk situ pn rasa nk kuar gi matriks sbb rmai kwn2 kt matriks.. Tp klau kuar tak dpt pinjaman mara tglla sy kt utp tu smpi ke sudah..) ->then jd pensyarah kt kolej area2 sini gk. Wlaupun tu bkn profession pilihan skrg sy rasa..mungkin Allah maha mengetahui tu la profession yg plg sesuai dgn kelemahan n kebaikan sy.. Klau la sy terima offer as programmer ke kt sony, atau system analyst kt accenture, atau software engineer kt intel...mungkin sy takkan sebahagia skrg.. (^_^) Ada byk masa utk diri n kwn2 n si dia..hehe. And most importantly..klau sy tak jd pensyarah, mungkin sy tak jmpa ofismate yg se'best' K Dilla, Azahari, Sham, Ima, En Zurai and the rest of the grup!

Kdg2 rasa mcm nasib jugak..sbb nk ikutkan result adik sy better dr sy lg.(alhamdullilah...). Dulu, sy slalu merungut dgn sorang kwn sy ni sbb tak dpt apa yg sy nk, tp sy suka apa dia kata n ingt smpai skrg..which makes me feel better each time I feel down..
Kau mungking tak dpt apa yg kau nak, tp tiap kali kau dpt even better than what
u want.. So, thank God for what u have
which is true =) Thanks..

Im sorry i dont remember his name..but guess what, even if u're not an important person for me, but ur words are very important in my life.. So i guess, it's good to be a lecturer! Sbb klau dulu masa kt mrsm n kt uni, sy slalu rasa unimportant n invisible, so now even if i feel unimportant, i always think that maybe what I said, will be very important for them..and they dont have to remember me to make me feels good.. ;)
@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

December 10, 2008

Tudung Fareeda

Suddenly terasa nk beli tudung, so masa sibuk mensurfing tudung n corak2 yg menarik terjumpa site ni..waaa...sungguh teruja..terasa nk beli jek! Yelah..slalu pkai tudung yg sma je..apa salahnya skali skala try fesyen tudung baru kn? ;)

Eh, jgn salah faham bkn agen promoter diorng ek...saja letak..sbb sgt teruja tgk design dia..mesti korang pn teruja gk..hehehehe!

p/s: tp klau nk jd agen pn apa salah nya kan..cuma..takda bakat kot.. =P

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

December 9, 2008


Aidiladha tahun ni agak best! sbb? cousins sebelah mak rmai balik beraya~ Raya aidilfitri aritu diorng takda..sbb balik kpg satu lg. Cousin sy yg sorang tu dh dpt offer jd pensyarah blm abis blajar lg. Cuma yg lawaknya..sblm ni dia beriya2 tak mo jd pensyarah..konon tak suka la apa la.. tp bak kata pepatah, kemana tumpahnya kuah klau tak ke nasi..dh parents tu cikgu n pensyarah..akhirnya..anak cmna pn mesti ada yg ikut punya..naluri cikgu..hehehehe!

Gud luck aa zati..dh jgn nk lari2 lg. Kita serupa~ =D

As usual dpt kambing korban banyak gk.. Cuma tetiba terfikir..raya kali ni mungkin rmai antara kwn2 sy yg balik kampung pasangan masing2..maklumla..dh kahwin dan ada yg dh bertunang..time ni la nk tunjuk skill masak daging korban..hikhik.. Sy? Msih bersama parents tercenta (^_^)

Slamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha suma~~! (wlaupun agak lewat..nk ckp gk =D )

Kpd yg tersayang, slamat sampai umah..klau tak bermalam la anda di jln raya yg tersenggut-senggut tu..hehe

Today, start for new semester.. tomorrow kemasukan pelajar baru yg tak tau brapa rmai..but hopefully sy semakin teror jd pensyarah..haha! Gambate-ne amanda-chan!!

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

December 4, 2008

End of vacation *sigh*

Reply to: En Gajah, Miza, Cahaya

Tunang? kawin? haa..tu kna tnya cik abg..I ready je..anytime~ Hehehehe.... =D
Tp..about cooking tu in going takda hal nye.. =P
Em....memandangkan parents sy pn penyabar orgnya...jd...kena tunggu dan lihat~~
(jgn risau..nnt dy jemput!)

So actually hari ni sy balik dr bercuti dgn gembira~ (^_^) Dan seperti biasa bila balik bercuti tak semestinya gembira..hari kena gi bengkel buat program baru tuk kolej. sy pn baru first time terjebak dgn dunia pembuatan program ni..jd tak dpt imagine la keadaan nye cmna..apa pn yg best nya dpt tidur hotel lg~~ hehehe.. best! Tempat? haa...dekat je...kt batu pahat gk..hahaha! Nk kata sekangkang kera..takda jugak...berkangkang2 jugak la..

Ahh...tak kisah la...yg penting dpt berehat2 di best je rasa.. =D Lgpun kt umah adik2 dh balik dr asrama..agak penuh la bilik..sumbat2 suma tdur bilik yg sama..padahal ada je satu lg bilik tu kosong...saje nk menyempit kt bilik diorng gk =P

Sabtu & Ahad (6 - 7 Dec 08)

2 hari ni plg best! Dpt jmpa si dia. (^_^) Wonderful moments.. (tiap kali jmpa pn wonderful..haha..maklumla..jmpa 1x dlm 1-2 bln) Cuma kali ni berbeza skit sbb kali ni dpt round jb dgn keta baru dia tu..best2x! Since dia pn dh keja..dpt gk merasa jd org kaya skjp..lunch kt secret recipe..ntah apa mimpi dia tetiba nk bawa mkn kt tmpat cmtu. Ingt kn nk beli kek je..tetiba nk mkn skali..hoho..rezeki jgn ditolak..hihi~

Speechless la bila ckp bab2 jmpa ni sbb stiap kali jumpa...the feeling is always better than before.. Just want to say.. Thank u so much for the treat! mmuah~

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

November 24, 2008

budget! hehe

Last friday, sy gi hotel Katerina utk jaga student Kelab Keusahawanan kursus. Kursus tu berlangsung selama seminggu smpi hari Ahad lepas (23/11/08) tp sy cuma brtugas pd hari Jumaat tu je. And we can choose whther we want to overnight or not. Since i chosed to overnight at the hotel so have to be with them at night too. But of course I was not alone, I was with another 'young' beautiful lecturer too.. ;) My lovely sister~ (sy iktiraf sendiri..dia tak tau la approve ke tak..=P)

So what happen, after the hard work... (haha..mcm la hard work sgt...duk2 je tgk dak2 tu kursus..dlm air-con lg) mlm tu we all plan tuk hangout with 'some friends' <- nama dirahsiakan utk kesejahteraan rmai. Hehe.. Bkn apa...kdg2 tak baik hampakan kwn kn..lgpun skali skala.. Kami menonton mid nite, rancangan yg tak sepatutnya ditonton oleh kami...huhu.. Apakan daya..itu je yg ada..jgn salahkan kami..kami innocent..

Tp..tanpa disangka2 kami telah ketawa dgn bahagianya dlm wayang tu mcm duk dpn tv umah jek! Dh tak hirau dh couple2 len yg turut hadir kt situ..sbb kami bkn couple tp triple.. =P

Oh ya..lupa nk bgtau..cerita yg sungguh memberansangkan tu ialah..................(bunyi drumm~~) Madagascar 2!! Cerita tu mmg menarik smpi terbawa2 keesokan pgnya..hehe..

Esk nya sy tak jaga tp saja balik lewat2..hehe..menikmati kebest-an katil hotel tu.. dgn bermandian di bath tub (kt umah takda suma ni..pkai kipas pusing2 jek..pastu mandi dr baldi wlaupun ada air pancut yg pegang tu..hikhik) (^_^)

Bila pk2 balik..agak budget aa..umah dkat sekangkang kera je dgn hotel sibuk nk bermalam kt hotel..nk bawa baju tu pn segan..trpaksa sumbat2 baju dlm beg kecik yg comey..hehe.. Pastu mkn free lak tu..lunch, dinner, supper, breakfast.. Ala..skali skala nk berangan.. (^_~)

Hajat di hati nk mndi kt swimming pool skali tp..student lak rmai..yg pempuan je jejaka2 pn ada..segan i.. Tp swimming pool dia tak best pn..takda raksasa2 jahat atau haiwan2 besar yg tak bergerak kt situ mcm kt Lost World of Tambun.

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

November 20, 2008

Poseidon Underwater Hotel

I was surfing for a cute hotel around the world. Wish i can go in the near future hehe (well..we do need a dream sometimes right..even not that great, at least not too poor =P ) And guess what, i've found this! The Poseidon Hotel of Fiji. I know that currently we do have around 3 so-called underwater hotel (because they are not really underwater but just below the surface of the water and they are not well-designed, not really famous and not really open worldwide.) But this totally DIFFERENT!

The Poseidon Mystery Island is competing for the title of the world’s first luxury underwater resort. The complex will be designed by Bruce Jones, famous for designing a series of $80-million luxury submarines with their own private state rooms and plush carpets, designed for voyages of up to three weeks in length. It will be set up on Fiji.
The project will cost $105 million and will be submerged next to a private island at a depth of 40 feet with an amazing view of the ocean floor.
The underwater hotel was planned to be open by end of 2008 but now it is set to open early 2009. Besides the six restaurants, seven bars, dive shop, water sports center, retail boutique, library/lounge, theater, conference room, wedding chapel, nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, you can actually feed the fish when pushing a button from a control console. An elevator gets to transport guests under the sea to the 24 suites and the luxury apartment that all have a special interior window film for privacy, even if day light hours it's nearly impossible to look into the suits from underwater. Visitors will be able to see everything from thier rooms through transparent acrylic walls and even feed fish swimming by.
Interesting right? (^_^) According to the site, they even are taking reservation by now. Jones is confident that he will be taking guest reservations for Poseidon—and that guests will pony up the $15,000-per-person, per-week reservation fee—for a long time to come.
It seems too good to be true and thier plans are beyond the actual facts, that it'll cost BIG amount of money, BIG dig construction and BIG risk than expected.
You can take a virtual tour here or read more about this Poseidon Hotel. Dream of it and it will come..just like people dreamed of going to the moon back then. So i guess this stunning design WILL be ready in the upcoming years. It just the matter of time ;)
If it's ready, I wish i can go there at least once (^_^)

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

November 19, 2008


Tunang lg!
Masuk kali ni dh 5 org kwn2 sy bertunang. tak termasuk yg cousin n kwn bau2 bacang lg...hehe Knapa suma pakat tunang taun ni haa? knapa ek? Ish...memang la tak age of 23 yg ada commitment n by next year mereka bakal berkahwin~~~~!!! nyaaaaaa!!! (part mana yg best tu ek? hahahaa ;) )

Rasanya end minggu ni sorang lg kwn sy yg akan bertunang which really unexpected! Btul la dia dh ada bf lama dh..cuma...tak sangka lak seawal ni...minggu ni tau! and dia bgtau sy baru je last few days.

Ni yg jeles tahap maximum nih...isk..isk.. tp takpa..tomorrow never dies.. Long jouney to go~ yeah!

Miza,I really wish i can come to ur engagement but.but..I cant...seriusly cant... (*_*)
Wish u all the best and showers of congratulation! (^_^)

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

November 18, 2008

The Last Mimzy

I have watch this movie last Friday. I know I know I shouldn't be sneaking around during work but.. again, BUT.. I have finished all the work I've planned to do it that day..I've even completed marking all final exam paper (^_^) Nk tgk muvi punya psal! ehehe.

One more thing..I hate being disturb during watching a movie, even I know I can always pause the movie but you'll kill my excitement and pull away my satisfaction.. =( But somehow..well I know I was in the office..a lot of people walk in and and any distraction from them can be considerate ;)

Well, i love fiction movies...but somehow this movie looks real even it's a fiction, at certain moment i do believe what they've said..haha..

This story is a fiction story about 2 siblings, a brother n a sister, who found a special box of toys at the beach during their family outing. The items in the box contain cute little rabbit and a few strange rocks and a plat. Soon the kids find out that they special talents, amazing inner powers and special intelligence while playing with the toys. The girl becomes attached to the rabbit (which called Mimzy) and even can understand what the rabbit say. I love to see the way they talk to each other. The rabbit produces lovely sounds and she's so CUTEEE~~!!

Later, they know that the box that they've found at the beach is not a ordinary box but a special device from future. Mimzy is the last mimzy sent to the past, through time travel to find a cure/solution/pure soul to a disaster that has destroyed the future. The people in the future has sent thousands of mimzy but they never returned. They cant send human to the past because they'll die. So they create a toy, which consist of really high-tech device, that can go the past through time travel. The toys even have Intel processor chip, which doesn't even exist yet!

Their parents, and teachers, senses the strangeness of thier kids and started to questions the sister. Then the FBI find out about the discovery and arrest the whole family, because they tought it some kind of terrorist attack.

Isn't she cute~~ (^_^)Towards the end of the story, Mimzy explain the sister that they must return the rabbit to the future by using the device that they found with the rabbit, because Mimzy has got the undamaged DNA (so called pure soul) from the sister tears, which dropped onto Mimzy when she cried.

So what happen in the future? Hehe..see for urself! You really should see it especially for those who love kids..they are really sweet-innocent-brilliant kids~

This is really a great movie! I love it sooo much!

You can watch the review/trailer of the movie here: You Tube

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

November 9, 2008

Mozilla yang best~

Last few days..after reading one of my fren blog's . i saw a note at the bottom sidebar of his blog saying his page dont look good in IE n suggest Mozilla or other web browser. Then i think..I have used Mozilla for 3 years back in UTP..Why can't i think of it earlier aa..adoiyaii...

Actually my page do have some problem when viewing with IE. The labels n comment at the bottom is like hidden with the next post title. Then I try to install mozilla and waalaaa! It works! (^_^) The page looks better and nicer..haha.. Not nicer looks as it should be la..compared to when I used IE some elements were missing..

Sooo...I suggest let's change to Mozilla Firefox web browser too~ (for those who haven't change yet laa..for those who already did..sit quitely. I know i know..I am a little bit let behind..dont laugh!)

I dont know why this problem happen. Suppose all themes or template should work in IE since it is the most famous web browser and use world wide.. Well..who cares. Sape suh IE tak nk wat btul2. Kn rmai dh pndah web browser len..hehe.

So thanks to Mozilla! Plus..mozilla has it's own tabs. So i dont need to install yahoo toolbar ( yg sungguh berserabut dgn pelbagai icon ntah apa2). I have the older version of IE and I cant install new version of IE since my OS at home is pi**te. hehe.

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

November 8, 2008

Terkenang sebuah memori lalu..

Last nite, ntah mcm mana, tgh termenung teringat psal ada 2 lagu ni [Click here]. After 6 years..melodi ni stil blh 'nyanyi' dlm kepala..before ia hilang, sy cuba tuliskn. Sy pn tak tau puisi ni adalah lagu atau hasil kwn2 sy tp yg pasti smpi skrg sy msih ingt melodi lirik ni. Lagu ni sy nyanyi masa persembahan nasyid form 5. Klau ada sesapa yg tau ni nyanyian sape or sapa yg hasil liriknya..silala bgtau yek! Mekasih~

But one thing for sure, sy tau ada sorang yg tahu lagu ni. 6 tahun dlu kami pernah nyanyi lagu ni sesama. Dia main alat muzik n sy nyanyi. Masa tu sy dgn dia kira bkn bestfren dan bkn jugak kwn biasa, kwn gaduh2 tp baik kot.hehe. Sbb sy tak suka dia tp suka bila nmpk dia..haha.. Nmpk dr jauh la..bila dekat, tak nk tgk pn dia. pn tak faham. Tp tulah yg sy rasa. Yg sy tau, kwn2 suka gosipkan ktorng tp ktorng takda apa2 pn (jujur nii!).

Agak pelik sbb at the same time, sy suka kt org len, and tak suka dia. Tp stil sy lebih suka nk amik tau psal dia drpd org yg sy suka tu. Klau dia takda pn rasa tak best, tp malas nk call. Sy tak suka dia tglkan notes atas meja tiap2 pg sbb kwn2 akan nmpk, tp notes2 tu buat sy suka dtg kelas pg2 sbb nk tau apa dia tulis pg tu (^_^). Sy tak suka dia bg sy hadiah, tp sy jeles lak bila tau dia bg hadiah kt org len..huhu.. Masa tu honestly sy tak faham.

Cuma, satu yg sy msih ingt smpi skrg..masa nyanyi lagu ni dgn dia dan kwn2 yg lain,sy suka sgt tgk dia main equipment tu, smpikan sy rasa setiap patah lagu ni sy nyanyi utk dia, wlaupun tiap kali training sy akan kutuk dia men alat tu... Haha jiwang lak tetiba. Sgt susah nk ingt 2 lagu ni dlm masa 3 minggu dgn nk study lg masa training (byk miming je..hehehe) Tp untuk pertama kalinya, masa dinner mlm tu smbil tgk dia main, sy leh nyanyi penuh semangat tanpa tgk lirik! lepas abis, sy sendiri sungguh terkejut n tersenyum sendirik..haha~

Mlm tu kira dinner terakhir utk student form 5, lepas trial spm. Cm biasa la amik gmbr dgn kwn2. So as usual, sy pn amik kesempatan amik gmbr dgn kwn2 lelaki yg comey2 n classmate (ala..mcm korang tak penah wat..biasalah kn..but no touching okayy.. hehe) Dgn girls pn ada ni tak pemilih org nya..hehe. =D So last before nk balik sy ingt nk amik gmbr dgn dak2 nasyid len, termasuk la dia. ktorg pn diri ramai2. sy diri sblh dia (ikut ketinggian la kan) tp bila cameraman nk tangkap gmbr je suddenly suma kwn2 len ketepi n tgl ktorng..huhu.. Somehow, dlm ramai2 kwn2 lelaki sy brgambar, dgn dia rasa tak selesa.. that time, sy rasa sy dh tersuka kt dia kot.. (^_^)

Tp ktorng tak bercinta pn time tu.. Lpas SPM ktorng dh berjauhan, tp stil keep in touch.. =)

Ending citer ni? haa..itu rahsia.. ;)

To 'that person', if u read this n stil remember... well..I'm here~ (^_^)

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@


Bertahun kita bersama
Bagai semalam baru bersua
Dihadapan oh indahnya
Kita bersama berkelana

Namun kita jauh di dunia sendiri
Bekala sendiri, impian sendiri
Meskipun jauh
Namun kita tetap bersama
Dek ruang yang memisahkan kita

Hidup ini umpama awak
yang tidak selalu putih
Hidup ini umpama langit
Yang tidak selalu cerah

Ingatla bintang-bintang di langit
Takkan terus berkelipan
Ingatlah pelangi yang indah
Pasti akan hilang

Kawan jangan biarkan dirimu
Seperti rama-rama
Cantik namun akhirnya
menjadi perhiasan di dinding
Kawan jangan biarkan dirimu
Umpama lipan dan kala
Berbisa namun akhirnya
menjadi perhiasan di meja tulis

Oh kawan, jadilah seperti si matahari
Membakar diri demi insan sejagat
Oh kawan jadilah seperti bulan purnama
Menerangi malam yang gelap gelita
Menunjukkan jalan
Demi umat semesta

Terkenang sebuah memori lalu
Kisah persahabatan kita bersama
Di dalam suatu pengajian
Menuntut ilmu dan pengalaman
Terpahat di kalbuku

Bersama rakan taulan dan guru
Tawa riangmu menghiburkan hatiku
Indahnya suasana ketika itu
Terjalin ukhwah sejati

Nasihatmu sungguh bermakna bagiku
Mengenalkanku erti kehidupan
Susah payah kita hadapi bersama
Itulah asam garam dalam kehidupan

Ya tuhanku
Tabahkan hatinya
Kuatkan semangatnya untuk menghadapi hidup
Limpahkanlah magfirah dan kasih sayangmu
Agar hidupnya sejahtera di dunia akhirat

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

November 7, 2008

Tempah Baju

Hari ni, untuk sekian kali nya sy dpt pujian mengenai baju yg sy tau sy tau..diorng puji baju bkn org nya..jd apalah kiranya klau sy bg credit pd org yg buat baju-baju sy tu.. (^_^)

Start tahun ni (since dh keja la kan..before keja takda kisah pn mak nk tempah kat sapa2..lgpun bkn ada org nk tgk pn baju2 yg sy pkai dear pn jauh..hiihihi) sy try cari tmpat tempah baju yg plg best n selesa. After tnya2 kt beberapa org kwn akhirnya hati sy meruntun2 nk cuba tempah baju kt tmpat yg sama dgn sorang student sy tempah. (Sy suka observed baju yg diorng pkai gk..hehe) Ada gk beberapa kwn yg pkai baju cntik je buatan nya tp tempat diorng tempah agak jauh compare dgn tmpt student ni tempah.

First time sy agak confident nk wat baju fesyen n kain yg sy beli agak mahal (pd sy la..huhu). Siap design sendirik lg baju2 tu.. hehehe. So pendekkan cerita, baju2 tu jd dgn perfect beyond my expectation (sbb sy tak expect baju tempahan ni siap ada tag nama kedai n penyangkut kain)! Waalaa~ Baju yg sy tempah tu adalah baju raya tahun ni.. (^_^) Since that, suma baju sy after ni suma hntr sana.

Wlaupun hari sy tak pkai baju yg sy tempah kt org tu, tp ada gk la hasil tgn org tu sbb baju yg sy pkai skrg sy repair kt dia gk. Frankly speaking sy agak cerewet nk tempah baju, tp kadang2 klau dh siap tu tak cantik n sy terpaksa pkai utk certain2 event, sy pkai gk mulut tak benti bising la. takpun sy pkai gk tp org yg jahit tu dh byk pahala dpt sbb teruk kena kutuk dgn sy..hehehe~

So, wlaupun tempat tu agak jauh tp sy tetap hntr kt sana. Dr umah sy ke sana adalah lebih kurang 50km......

Sy promote kt suma, gi la hntr baju kt Anfa Butik. Address sy tak ingt, tp utk org yg duduk kt Johor, blh gi Parit Raja, klau dr bndar Batu pahat, lps BP Mall, trus je, nmpk UTHM trus lg, pastu trus smpi nmpk KFC blh kanan. Masuk kanan pastu akan nmpk deret2 kdai arked MARA, butik ANFA tu kt tingkat atas.

Gmbr kdai n cnth baju nnt sy update later k.. (perlu ke? malu la... (^_~))

@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@

November 6, 2008

Annoying people!

Just can't stand it anymore!

Dear you-annoying-caller,

Can't u just stop calling and begging me to join u for anything u loved the most! I just can't hold your annoying voice and sweet-talk and i just can't do any sweet-reply anymore. Can u pls stop calling me before I yell at you with full of hatred!!

For the past 2 months, I can hold my voice to talk nicely to you but if this continues, i dont care if you are older than me but you deserve my high-pitch voice in ur ears.

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

November 4, 2008

-The Secret ~

Thanks to my dear for giving me the most precious book i ever wanted~

Have u heard of a book entitled "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne? I've heard about this book from a friend of mine. He is a 29-year-old former engineer who already quit his job, and jump into a big business. And now stil running his business. Well at that time he said, "Try find this book and read it. "

Well, i admit that i love to read motivational books somestimes, I am not an motivated person after all, so i think i need external motivation either from my family or from my loved ones or when im alone, i try to find something to read, to make my self calm and up again. When I'm down, i can hardly think well, and act accordingly.

For this book, I dont really convinced to have it but still i tried to find it in all book store around batu pahat, but the seller said they dont have it. Then I tried to find it in MPH book store in JB (during dating with my dear ;P ) Well, i did found it, but the seller said it was the LAST ONE and it already booked by someone. They have ONE LAST cd but the cd was very expensive! Around Rm100++. Then i decided to buy it later.

Then, I've tried to find the review of this book from Internet, some of them said it is a bluff, some said it is an interesting book. But when i search through an Oprah website..i was convinced that the book is an excellent book. I really want to have it! Although I dont know what the content is. But when? I dont know..After that day, I've never been to jb again.

And today..I've received an e-book of 'The Secret' from my dear loved one (^_^)
I dont know how to express how thankful i am to him for giving me such a wonderful gift!
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, dear~~!!! mmuaah~

Here is some review from Oprah Winfrey Show website:

People around the world have been talking about a movie so powerful that it can change the course of your life. This movie, The Secret, was created by Australian Rhonda Byrne, and she says that if you follow its philosophy, you can create the life you want—whether that means getting out of debt, finding a more fulfilling job or even falling in love.

Rhonda says she stumbled on what she calls The Secret at the end of 2004. At the time, everything in Rhonda's life had fallen apart—physically, emotionally and financially—and she was in "total despair." Then her father died suddenly, and she was worried about her grief-stricken mother. "I wept and wept and wept, and I didn't want my daughter to see me sobbing," Rhonda says.

That's when Rhonda's daughter gave her a copy of The Science of Getting Rich, a book written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles. "Something inside of me had me turn the pages one by one, and I can still remember my tears hitting the pages as I was reading it," Rhonda says. "It gave me a glimpse of The Secret. It was like a flame inside of my heart. And with every day since, it's just become a raging fire of wanting to share all of this with the world."

After that first discovery, Rhonda read hundreds of books, listened to hundreds of hours of audio tapes and scoured the Internet for more information. She says she traced the idea of The Secret through history—all the way from 3500 B.C. to the present day. "Since I discovered The Secret, every single moment of my entire life has changed, and I am living my life for the first time," Rhonda says.

Rhonda defines The Secret as the law of attraction, which is the principle that "like attracts like." Rhonda calls it "the most powerful law in the universe," and says it is working all the time. "What we do is we attract into our lives the things we want, and that is based on what we're thinking and feeling," Rhonda says. The principle explains that we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. And the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts—which means our thoughts are the most powerful things we have here on earth.
You can take a look at another review from Personal Book Growth article here.

It contains 198 pages, so it might takes time to complete the reading since i have to read it from a computer. (it's an e-book remember? ;P) But I'll try to put some review after I've read the book, ok? (^_^)

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

November 3, 2008

Nadwah Islamiah?

Mula cier pd hari khamis lepas (30/10/08) adala kwn2 dr group abim dtg umah umah nk beraya (wlaupun raya dh abis..huhu) Diorng dtg nk melawat ayah, borak punya borak pastu diorng ajak sy jd fasi utk program diorng pd hari sabtu minggu tu. Siap dtg umah nk jemput ni..haha. Um..pk2 cm takda apa pn nk wat kt umah, jd setuju je la. Lgpun dh byk kali sgt tolak2 program motivasi diorng..nama je tak aktif sgt pn.. =P Saja nk kembang2 kn otak dgn kumpulan luar dr environment keja..hehe..

Klau ikut planning diorng, jumaat mlm tu suma fasi kena gi briefing utk flow program, tp sy tak gi..ala..kata nya cuma jd pemantau fasilitator, jd tak payah briefing sgt pn tak pa kot. Lgpun, diorng dh cukup fasi, diorng amik dr budak2 UTHM. So pg2 Sabtu tu (1/11/08) sy gi la sek men dato' bentara luar. Program tu buat selama 2 hari, overnight kt bilik sekolah (~_~)

Nama program tu Nadwah Islamiah, ptut kena agak islamic tp seronok gk sbb since yg handle group ni pn agak gila2, jd program ni idakla terlalu rigid dgn certain rules yg tak munasabah.

Ada seramai 100++ student form 2 and form 4 yg join sbg pserta. Wlaupun diorng ni akan amik exam next week nya tp stil sanggup nk join..hebat~ Ada byk gk kekangan tp yg bagusnya dlm program ni, setiap ajk takda yg nk passing2 keja, dan byk tolak ansur..takda la nk salah2 kn org len klau spatutnya tu tugas dia tp dia tak buat..kira..blh give n take..seronok la. And one more thing, program ni dibuat tanpa APA2 BAYARAN. Tp atas jasa baik sekolah tu, pihak kaunselor tu beri sedikit bantuan ikhlas dr segi mknn dan tmpt tgl.

Pengarah program dan ajk2 yg terlibat terdiri drpd org2 yg dh keja, ada engineer, ada cikgu sekolah, ada yg pegawai bank, ustaz, pegawai security and quality control dan pensyarah (it's me~ =P) selain fasi2 yg terdiri drpd student degree dr UTHM.

Sbnrnya sy pn dtg lewat gk pg Sabtu tu, dlm kul 830am cmtu. ptut kena prepare around 8am. Mula sbb pk sbg pemantau fasi je kan, jd takda tugas penting pn. Skali tetiba, smpi je dpt request kena jd fasi..huhuhu.. Sbb lepas bahagi2 kn group pd student2 ni tetiba tak cukup fasi sbb fasi yg sepatutnya handle lum dtg atas sbb2 yg tak dpt dielakkan. Gelabah gk la kjap sbb tak prepare langsung! dgn module yg takda pn! (~_~)

Pastu bincang2, dia bg sorang assistant, sorang fasi yg dh pegi briefing smlm. Cuma fasi tu first time jd fasi, jd tak pndai sgt nk handle group. Setiap fasi diberi lebih kurang 8-10 org student. Cuma since dak fasi tu baru lg, jd diorng couple kan dgn sy. Well, ok gk, dak tu ada ilmu psal briefing smlm tp tak pandai sgt nk ckp, sy leh je ckp tp takda ilmu..haha.. So lepas discuss skit2 psal module, dak fasi tu explain then sy yg elaborate n conduct group tu. went really good!

Mula2 diorng pn tak expect sy lecturer, dak2 fasi tu mostly ingt sy student UTHM gk, yg lelaki cm takut2 nk tegur sbb kata diorng tak penah nmpk kat UTHM, pastu yg girls cm nk tak nak je borak sbb baru knal kn. Mula2 panggil nama je. Pastu sepanjang program tu ntah bila tetiba yg perempuan ni start panggil 'kak'. Pastu yg laki berani lak tnya2. Rupanya pengarah program dh bgtau yg kite dh besar..waa..baru nk kelentong..dh kantoi..haha~ Pastu baru la diorng tak segan2 sgt nk borak apa suma. (^_^)

Walaupun ada beberapa isu kecik, perkara biasa dlm program, tp dpt handle dgn baik. I love working life than university life~~~~!

Overall event sgt best!

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@

October 15, 2008

Annual Dinner

Monday, 13-10-08
A little bit too late tp nk citer gk..sbb kali ni bkn dinner biasa..haha

Mlm isnin tu adalah annual dinner utk kolej ktorng. Ini kira 2nd dinner yg sy attend sepanjang berkhidmat di kolej ni. Waktu dinner ni la anugerah2 kpd staff and dean list student diberi. Mcm tahun lepas, sy dtg cuma jd pemerhati je. Tp tahun ni, dpt gak nek pentas~ seronok sgt~~ (^_^) Walaupun cuma dpt hadiah teddy bear, tp okay la..ada gk recognition drpd takda kan. Tema kali ni 'elegent night' tp takda la mcm kita kt uni dulu2, leh pkai dress, free hair and so on..kt sini student dh diberi limit dress code. mesti kena pkai tudung and tak leh ni dinner student, tp diorng kena ikut rules kolej gk.. (hm...klau jd student, mesti rasa tak sbb dh jd lecturer...hehe..mmg pn diorng ptut jaga attitude pemakaian.. =p)

Haa..utk anugerah king and queen utk student, yg king tu pkai baju mcm neo dlm citer The Matriks ;) Tnya2 rupanya baju tu mak dia jahitkan...uish..mmg grand baju dia! Nnt gmbr dh siap sy post kn kt sini k ;)

Apapun, dinner kali kedua ni mmg best!! Student kelab kebudayaan suma perform sgt baik! Thumbs up! ;) Klau cmtu, leh la bawa diorng utk perform utk org luar..leh collect skit utk kelab ($$$$$) Congrats to all~ (especially pengarah program dinner -> en azahari )

** Dlm kesibukan dan kegirangan menyambut dinner mlm tu..leh lak dlm kul 10 lebih cmtu mak call..huhu..
"Kat mana ni along?"
"Kat hotel lg mak..tgh ada persembahan.."
"Bila nk balik ni?"
(Dlm hati: uik...tak kan nk suh balik? dinner ni..biar benar mak ni..) "Lama lg mak...kul 11 lebih nnt"
"Balik cepat2...kang klau balik lmbt suh sesapa hantar kan" (wlaupun sy bawa keta sndri..still nk suh org hntrkan..adei...)

Pengaruh TV mmg sgt efektif terutama pd mak sy yg tersayang ni... Nk ikutkan time sy blaja2 dulu...biasa je gi dinner balik lewat time dh keja ni lak dia tak kasi balik lebih masa... Ni suma angkara makhluk2 durjana yg suka suki nk bunuh org..ingt diorng blakon drama apa! Pastu sejak kuar tv citer itu ini psal bunuh, rogol and muka2 jahat yg bertopengkan angel.. Mak sy dh jaga sy mcm budak kecik baru blajar jalan.. "Jgn gi sana along..bahaya", "Takyah la keja jejauh..kwsan tu byk kes", "Jgn balik lebih kul 10", jgn itu ini..

Ada kebaikan at certain moment rasa mcm... Dulu ms kecik2 slalu ckp dlm hati.."Best nya klau dh besar leh gi jln2 sendiri..leh gi sini..." Tp bila dh besar..lg terkawal.. Bagus la jugak..sekurang2 nya sy tau sy msih ada mak, sy tau dia syg sy... =)

@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@

October 13, 2008

Raya~ (^_^)

Hari ni happy sgt~
Smlm si dia dtg beraya kt umah~
Wlaupun dh msuk raya minggu kedua tp msih terasa raya lg.hehe. Dia tiba dlm tgh hari cmtu. duduk2 cm umah sendiri..pastu lunch pastu taktau nk gi mana..haha.. so duk je kt umah borak2, agak2 ptg cmtu, ktorng gi umah atuk kt bandar, n borak2 situ. ptg baru balik. And plg berbeza sgt, this time dia dtg sorang dgn kereta neo baru dia! Plg best kali ni takyah amik dia dr bandar lg..hehe.. Plan nk jejalan memandangkan cuaca panas..pastu kt bp ni..mana la ada tmpat best nk jejalan pn..balik2 summit, bp bkn nya best pn nk gi shopping mall time raya cmni..pastu masa pn singkat..klau jejalan tak leh nk duduk2 borak2..huhu..

Tahun ni raya sgt2 berbeza berbanding tahun2 sudah sbb ayah sy accident 3 minggu sblm raya (19/9). Jd tahun ni ktorng tak byk beraya kemana2 pn.. Raya pertama, salam2 kt umah sendiri..pastu gi amik gmbr studio.. Pastu gi umah atuk kt bndar. Cuma, yg tak best nya, tahun ni ayah n mak tak ikut gi umah atuk sbb ayah tak larat. So ktorng adik beradik jela yg gi umah atuk..gmbr2 suma. Cousin2 pn tak balik tahun ni sbb giliran atuk belah sana. Um...agak sunyi la umah atuk..ktorng adik beradik je yg buat2 bising kt umah atuk tu...wlaupun slalu klau ktorng dtg pn mmg bising.hehe.

Citer psal raya tahun ni, wlaupun tak balik mana2 tp SGT RAMAI yg dtg umah..tak pernah2 org dtg berduyun2 umah yb lak..haha.. Sbb rmai tau ayah tak sihat, jd rmai yg turun dtg tgk. Mmg tak larat..nk wat air..layan tetamu..pastu basuh cawan, pastu masak air..pastu ulang rotation yg sama tiap kali group yg dtg..tgl pulak adik2 dh balik..perh..mmg tahan pipi je utk senyum...huhu.. Apapun agak seronok tgh ayah tersenyum seronok kwn2 dia dtg, kurang2 ilangla skit tension dia duk umah tak kemana2.

Raya kedua, sedara mara dtg umah lg, n ajak ktorng beraya skali, so follow je la, ayah pn tak ikut. saja tunjuk muka kt sedara2 belah ayah, wakil...hehe.. Tiap kali jmpa org pn nk kena citer peristiwa yg berlaku pd ayah, rasa cm nk tape je suara, so org tanya je..tekan, tp cm tak original la pulak kan cerita tu, kang miming je org perasan lak..haha..

Plg best, student semester2 lepas yg dh grad pn dtg beraya gk! Diorng sungguh happening...! Thanks for coming wlaupun dr jb sanggup turun bp utk pegi umah lecturer2 diorng, pastu balik mlm tu jugak..appreciate it a lot! (^_^)
@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@

September 12, 2008

The Only Promise Remains

Okay..i have this new song that i've heard last week. Last week I watched Oprah Show, and i think it was 'rancangan ulangan'. At the end of the show, Justin and Reba (the guests) sang this song: "The Only Promise Remains"

I planned to dedicate this song to someone special but until now stil cant upload it to my email..dont know why.. =(

And since my internet at home frequently disconnected, so i can't upload the file as well.. Here, i would like to dedicate this song to mr raptor~

When the ground beneath you starts to-shakin', shakin'
And you forget the place we came from, came from
When you're lost and lookin' for your way home, your way home to me
I'll come out and find you

When the world around you starts to-movin', movin’
And you should wonder if I still love you, love you
If you feel the darkness comin', risin' inside
I'll make a light to guide you back home

And after all the sky is fallin' down
And after all the water's washed away
My love's the only promise that remains

When your doubts have got you thinkin', thinkin’
Nothing's ever really sacred, sacred
And you're afraid you might believe it...
Believe in me
And I'll give you a reason

Cause the world around us keeps on movin', movin’
And there's no doubt that I still love you, love you
So when you feel the darkness comin', risin' inside
I'll make a light to guide you back home

And after all the sky is fallin' down
And after all the water's washed away
My love's the only promise that remains
My love's the only promise that remains
My love's the only promise that remains

And after all the sky is fallin' down
(After all the sky is fallin' down)
And after all the water's washed away
(After all the water's washed away)
My love's the only promise that remains

Reba - The Only Promise That Remains
Found at bee mp3 search engine

@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@


Hari ni and 3 hari seterusnya sy kena gi berupa bengkel la kot. First time gk gi kursus ni, pelbagai cerita dgr lg lecturer senior, and for the next 3 days, im going to experience it thrilled~~~ haha..

Ramai gk lecturer yg terlibat, and ptut kena gi dgn bas..(huhu...) tp lpas berbincang2 dgn org atas, akhirnya leh gk nek van (yeay!) and satu avanza. Hope it will not be too tough.. (~_~)

Tu je laporan sy utk hari ni. (^_^)

@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@

September 5, 2008

Puasa~ Puasa~

Akhirnya dh 5 hari kita berpuasa.

Hari pertama sy dpt brpuasa dgn jayanya~ (^_^). Cuma sy tak pasti bulan ni sy dpt berpuasa elok cm tahun2 sudah (kecuali waktu2 tertentu.. =P). Sbb gastrik yg agak teruk, beberapa kali gk la tak dpt nk mengganti puasa. and hari kedua tu pn tak dpt tahan smpi kul 4pm cmtu perut dh pedih yg amat, badan pn gigil n sweating.. trpaksa buka n mkn ubat.. Tp 2 hari seterusnya ok cm biasa..yeay~

Smlm hari pertama gi bazaar ramadhan kt Pesta. Seronok gk la! Tp tak semeriah cm tahun lepas, sbb..sbb...harga pn leh wat darah mengalir dgn laju smpi ke otak! kepala ikan yg besar tu leh smpi rm7-rm10..huh! pastu nasi ambeng fav yg sy slalu beli kt tmpt akak yg sama tu, dh nek harga jd RM4 sebungkus...huhu... Smlm je dh abiskan RM20 utk mknn buka je.. (~_~) nampak gaya mmg btul la kata en raptor, kita elok la start blajar buka mkn kurma je.. (beli la kurma Yusof Taiyoob~~~) Antara pasar ramadan yg plg meriah kt batu pahat ni kat Pesta la. Cuma tahun ni tak byk lauk pauk...yg ada pn cuma ikan merah besar2 pastu ikan keli besar2...huhu.. Plg byk dijual roti2 yg diselaputi pelbagai jenis bahan, murtabak, air pelbagai kaler. yg hensem2 (^_^)

Lepas tawaf satu round, akhirnya sy dpt gk beli, as usual, beli mknn fav dr penjual yg sama cm tahun2 sudah, nasi ambeng, and air tahu.. =D

Hari ni gk hari ke-3 n hari terakhir student sini mid exam. sian diorng...berpuasa n ambik exam. tp berkat.... hehe... Start naik keja hari rabu hari tu, dh kena bawa balik homework balik umah...menanda paper yg tak sudah.. (Tp sempat gk menghabiskan beberapa level game fashion.. best~ best~)

Selamat Berpuasa~

@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@

September 1, 2008

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan

First of all, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan to my friends, far n near, my office mates, my students (who read this..huhu) and all muslims~

Rasanya dh lama sgt sy tak update blog, too many interesting things and unhappy events happen all this while...cuma tak trungkap je on paper..mcm cepat sgt masa berlalu.. wlau apapun thanks to my dear friends yg still jenguk2 page sy yg tak sebrapa ni..hehe..

Well...last week sy dpt tau, a few students baca blog ni..emm....wlaupun tak thanks.. (~_~) wlaupun tak trfikir diorng akan baca.. mungkin ada kt frenster kot.. niat letak kt frenster tu pn sbb ada bbrapa kwn lama suh letak situ supaya diorng tau...lupa nk amik smula.. tp nk wat cmna... anyway, thanks for dropping by.. =)

Jd beberapa update utk past few weeks...(mana yg ingat) =P

* Si dia akhirnya convo~! tp sgt sedih...tak dpt pergi atas sebab2 yg tak dpt dielakkan...berat mata memandang, berat lg bahu yg memikul kesedihan dua2 rasa sedih..2 3 hari gk la terasa kesedihan tu... Takpa..mungkin ada hikmahnya..hopefully lepas ni klau dia nk wat master, sy ikut..hehe ;)

Skrg si dia dh kerja~ Alhamdullillah dpt tmpat keja yg best n dekat dgn family dia...dekat dgn bakal family gk..hehe =P Smoga dpt permenant kt situ n smoga dimurahkan rezeki kita dua ;)

** Start kelas dh 6 minggu sgt busy..student suddenly dtg berduyun2 sehingga tak cukup lecturer, pastu dh week ke 3 pn msih trpaksa cari new lecturer, unexpected incoming students.. but it's a good news... (hopefully dpt kenaikan gaji..hehe). Masuk bulan ogos ni dh cukup setahun sy keja... hm...kjap je kan.. (^_^)

*** Beberapa minggu sblm kemasukan student tu, berlaku la sedikit accident di depan umah... hari tu juga ada 2 org lecturer lama berhenti, jd balik lewat skit. Masuk pintu gerbang taman cm biasa.. n as usual selang 2 3 buah rumah sblm tiba dpn pintu pagar bg signal msuk kiri(huhu..baik kan..wlaupun sblm ni org gelak sbb bg signal nk masuk seb baik bg klau tak...) tp tetiba je ada satu lori kepala merah potong keta sy belah kiri gk! Laju lak tu..dan..trus dummmm! kemek pintu belah kiri, trcabut side mirror, bumper depan keta pn tanggal.. Yg tak faham nya...knapa la dia tak perlahan klau org dh bg signal.. Kebetulan jiran sebelah rumah nmpk episod kejadian tu dr sy bg signal smpi lori tu hentam..

Seb bek ada ketua polis bhg parit sulong selang 2 3 buah rumah, jd jiran td citer kt polis td, n ada jiran yg lalu lalang kaw tu pn ada nmpk, dia kata mmg lori tu slalu mengong2 bawa lori... pastu.. mlm tu jugak setel, bawa keta gi balai, pastu claim 100% insurance lori tu..satu sen pn sy tak bayar..kcuali..duit photostate IC n insurance keta.hehe..

After 3 weeks hntr repair, skrg dh cm keta baru dh..takda apa2 cacat cela (^_^)

Tu la serba sedikit cerita and update.

@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@

August 11, 2008

Seven Continents in the World

As we all know, 70% of our earth are covered by water and another 30% are covered by land. The land is divided into 7 areas, called continent. The continent are:
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Africa
  • Antartica
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe


Asia being the largest of the continents covers around one-third of the world’s total land area. Asia is known for its vast size and incomparable character. It stretches all the way east from Japan to the Southeast Arabian Peninsula, which is more than 8500 kilometers away.

It is interesting to see the geographical composition of Asia. It encompasses the entire climate and expanse, be it the equatorial rain forest or the arctic tundra. We also get to see the highest and the lowest points of the Earth’s surface in Asia. The highest being, Mount Everest (8,848 meters) and the lowest is the shore of the Dead Sea (397 meters below sea level).


Africa is the second largest of the continents, covers around 22% of the world’s land area. The Equator intersects it and the expansive landmass covers the Sahara, which is the world’s largest desert, and the Nile, the longest river on earth, as well as 53 nations.

Most of Africa is a desert region. This continent is basically divided into three regions, which are the Northern Plateau, the Central and Southern Plateau, and the Eastern Highlands. This includes plains, swampy coastal regions, lush tropical forests with Savannah's and hilly plateaus inland.

It is the home for many exotic large mammals, which include the zebras, giraffes, gazelles, elephants, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceroses, antelopes and carnivores such as lions, leopards, hyenas, and panthers.

Africa is famous for it’s diamond, gold, uranium and copper mining.


North America is around twice the size of Europe. It stretches from the vast wintry environment of the Arctic regions to the Yucatan Peninsula. America is sort of wedge shaped featuring an exceedingly irregular coastline with many prominent offshore islands, including Greenland, which is the largest island in the world. It is basically divided into five geographical regions.

The North American wildlife was once abundant but after people started inhabiting this land, the numbers have decreased. The large mammals include several kinds of bear, bighorn sheep, caribou, deer, elk, and antelope.

Bison, which had a population of about 60 million once, are now found only in protected herds. The Gila monster and the beaded lizard of the southwestern United States and Mexico are the only poisonous lizards in the world. We also get to see a great variety of coastal regions as well as the freshwater rivers and lakes of North America. More than 1,700 species of birds live and breed on this continent.

North America has large deposits of many important minerals, including iron ore, copper, nickel, and uranium. Coal is also found in eastern and western Canada and the United States. World’s greatest deposits of Petroleum and Natural Gas are seen in the State of Mexico.

The people are scattered and North America is culturally diverse.


South America is the fourth largest continent of the world although it contains less than 12% of the world’s population.

The Andes, world’s second largest mountain range is seen in South America. The second largest river- Amazon also runs through South America. The lowland consists mainly of the Amazon Basin, which is covered in the equatorial region. These areas are of the wet tropical climate and have a dense cover of rain forest. The largest forest area in the world is seen in South America.

South America has diverse mineral resources, like gold, silver, iron, bauxite, tin, lead and zinc many of which have not been thoroughly exploited.


Antarctica the sixth largest of the continents, is ice bound through out the year. Penguins and seals, accompanied by a few invertebrates such as mites and ticks—the only land animals that can tolerate the low temperatures, primarily inhabit it.

The marine life is rich and it includes krill, a shrimp like organism that is a food source for large numbers of whales in the surrounding waters. Antarctica has no trees, flowering plants, or grasses. The sparse vegetation is limited to about 350 species, which mostly encompass lichens, mosses and algae.

Antarctica is a true desert due to its extreme cold climate making it the coldest, windiest, and driest continent. It’s average temperature is around -50°C (-58°F), and the land is swept by hurricanes and the annual rainfall is only around 50 millimeters a year.

This continent has no native civilization but the United Kingdom, Norway, France, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina have made territorial claims. Due to the climate it makes it impossible for people to settle down here.

A current critical environmental issue concerning Antarctica is its ozone shield, which protects the earth’s surface from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Measurements indicate that the ozone layer above Antarctica has been reduced to a dangerous level.


Europe is the fifth largest of the continents. It is also conventionally known as "Europa". Europa was the daughter of Phoenix in Greek mythology. Some say it is possibly from "Ereb", a Phoenician word for sunset.

The Ural Mountains, the Ural River, part of the Caspian Sea, and the Caucasus Mountains forms the main boundary between Europe and Asia. Lots of geographers also see the two continents as one and call it EURASIA. Europe has a more or less a radial pattern of drainage. Most streams flow outward from the core of the continent.

A wide variety of mineral resources are found in Europe, including coal, petroleum and natural gas, copper, lead, and tin.


Australia is the smallest of the seven continents. The interiors of the continent are predominantly plains. The Southeast and the Southwest plains are the most densely settled areas of Australia. The climate of Australia is variable, but weather extremes are rare. The Northern part of Australia has a monsoon sort of climate while in the south it is temperate.

Australia is known for it’s vast wildlife with rare species and it’s known as the land of the kangaroos. Aborigines are the original inhabitants of Australia. Australians are known to have an ethnic sort of origin.

One of the interesting features of Australia is the "Great Barrier Reef", which is the world’s largest coral reef.

=> It's great to know that we live in the most largest continent in the world, so we should keep our captivating nature and amazing cultures (^_^)

@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@

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