May 4, 2009

Change or Not?

What if I change my layout to a NEW layout AGAIN?

Hehe..i know2..i've change my layout more than 5 times (exclude testing periods) but what can i say, i LOVE it soo much!

i got bored with my layout easily... luckily i still with him.. (what's that suppose to mean?) It means..u r so hot i dont have to find other person cute so attractive..even if i see ur face everyday i'll never got bored. why? because u have thousands of expression u know.. smiley faces also have more than 5 need to describe here. =P

ok stop. huhu.. (y do i talk about him just now??) <-- coz u miss him hikhik

the thing here is..what do think about this layout? should i change to it OR shouldn't i?

Advantage of Current layout:
  • I love it because it has 3 column (yes, i want 3 best..hehe)
  • because it's RED
  • because i've spent A DAY just to edit the original code into what u can see now, espeacially the font, the size of the sidebar and the header..huhu.. (i'm really good in coding..but i hate the previous i click click click and test test test..just to find the most interesting font at my OWN EYES.
Disadvantage of Current layout:
  • The font...which i spent ONE DAY tu.. do not compatible with most IE version..huh..frustrating! How can I show off? (even nobody realize it..haha)
  • it's default FONT COLOR for the post is i need to highlight all my post each time b4 publish it. Yes, I've tried to changed the color at the setting, failed..I've tried to find the codes and change it..also failed.. Hate it!
Other consequences (if any):
  • yes, there are. i have to copy paste all the codes and links to the new layout because FOR SURE the new template will delete all the widget (in the layout setting they called "Gadget") - this took another ONE WHOLE DAY without EAT & DRINK!
Err..okay, that's exaggerate =P

See..see! i've listed the pros and cons but still the pros WIN.. =(

So any idea guys?

I've decide one -> Demo

  • Darn cute!!! it has lovely icons here n navigation links...exactly just like i want!
  • The font for post is kinda too small.. (or is it my eyes??)
  • Both right sidebar range is smaller that my current layout..but it's not a big deal.. maybe some bloggers' title may not fit if it's too long.

Again, opinion pls?


Nadiah Suhaidi said...

comel gilak! nad lg suke yg tu dr current one ni :P sila bertukar jika sudah berkenan hehe

amandaeltiqaz said...

seyes? one vote already! thanks a lot nad~ (^_^)

miza said...

tukar je la. lagi lawa la yg baru ni. worth it klu ko tak mkn minum mandi sehari sbb nk setting widget dia. haha

Anonymous said...

tukar la..pastu yang lama ni buatkan kat saya..hehe..

Anonymous said...

the current is better, the new prospect template is for bakery shop due to cakes all around hahahah....

or maybe you can consider this for new template

Free Blogger Template Click HereI'm oso try to create a new fresh look with my blog , with 3 column and new theme but I dont have enough time to choose and mod to fit my needs. I guess for malaysians like us a simple blog with less graphic is better due to our tmnut berukband is too damn slow, unless your target audience is from europe, us or australia their broadband serve them better.

shikamazan said...

hurmm whatever pon u have nice layout
ish byk nk blaja ni
(ade perasan jeles)

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