May 28, 2008

The Top 10 Products of the Year

Innovative Web Applications, powerful processors, spectacular HDTVs, and creative game consoles--here are our top 20 products of the year.

Edited by Eric Dahl

#1 Google Apps Premier Edition (Web applications)

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#2 Intel Core 2 Duo (desktop CPU)

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#3 Nintendo Wii (game console)

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#4 Verizon FiOS (Internet service)

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#5 RIM Blackberry 8800 (smart phone)

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Photograph: chris manners/robert cardin

#6 Parallels Desktop (virtualization software)

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#7 Pioneer Elite 1080p PRO-FHD1 (plasma HDTV)

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#8 Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS NV (network-attached storage device)

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#9 Apple Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" (operating system)

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#10 Adobe Premiere Elements 3 (video editing software)

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More Top 100 Best Product of 2007 here. From PC World magazine.
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Anonymous said...

7 Pioneer Elite 1080p PRO-FHD1 (plasma HDTV)

One of my dream digital product.

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

best kn klau dpt apa yg kita impikan (^_^)

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