August 16, 2011

Preparation For Mummy & Baby

Dah 26 minggu pregnancy~

Saya agak excited dan bedebar sebenarnya bila baby nya pergerakkan semakin hebat mengalah ahli silat pencak..hehe. So saya mula busy untuk cari buat checklist dan keperluan baby. Hehe. Walaupun agak lambat kot nak sibuk2, nama baby pun belum ada lagi.. =P

So after searching for some tips and guides, I think I found a very good website that shares everything. Di sini saya share juga untuk panduan semua (if berkaitan la kan) =)

Preparations tips

Purchase essential mother and baby items
  • Prepare a checklist and start to shop around when you are 6 to 8 months pregnant. (Click HERE for the list). It is good to make early preparation as you may deliver earlier from your expected due date.
Physical and mental preparations
  • Never be shy to ask your gynae or parents or surf the internet for useful and reliable resources about your pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Attend Ante-Natal classes provided by hospitals. It is vital for both daddy and mommy to learn and understand the process of labour and to obtain right information on normal and caesarean delivery, exercise for pregnant woman, post partum recovery process and etc.
Medical Check Up and preferred place to deliver
  • You should attend your monthly medical check up as advised by your gynae. It is important to monitor your baby and your health condition.
  • To make your first medical check up at your preferred choice of private hospital to deliver when you are 8 months pregnant. Private hospitals usually require patients to have their last 2 or 3 check up to be made at their hospitals.
  •  For government hospitals, you will be required to perform medical check up at the government hospitals usually from 4th month onwards.
  •  List of maternity hospital (click HERE)
Get ready your hospital bag
  • Prepare your bag and put in the car starting from 8 months.
  • Make arrangement for babysitter or someone to look after your children should you are admitted to hospital during emergency.
  • To allocate aside some funds for delivery at private hospital (for those who are not covered under employer benefits) or for emergency cases.
  •  To arrange for someone to look after you during confinement. Alternatively, you may like to get someone who can prepare food for you. Rest and nutrition are vital for you to regain your health.
  •  For working mothers, do spend some time to look for suitable nursery or babysitter for your newborn baby preferably before delivery to ensure the babysitter/ nursery meets your requirement.

Your hospital bag checklist

There’s no need to take too much, your stay should be quite short and, if you do need extra, friends or family can get things for you.

Hospital bag check list

For Mommy (pre & post labour)

    Identity card
    Check up record
    Admittance slip for delivery from gynae
    Hair tie/ band (if you’ve got long hair)
    Shirt with front opening for breastfeeding/ Nursing tops
    Nursing bras
    Breast pads
    Maternity sanitary pads
    Disposable panties (larger size for post delivery tummy)
    Soap, tooth paste & toothbrush, comb
    Small towel
    Going-home outfit
    Massage oil/ lotion
    Cereal bars/ biscuits/ snacks and drinks

For Baby

    An infant car seat
    Going-home baby outfit
    Mitten & booties
    Blanket (with or without hood)
    Feeding bottle


Nina Aman said...

hehe...excitednya dia...dah scan jantina baby?

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

last month dah..tapi takleh nmpk.. so maybe this month pulun la nk cari private clinic yg leh tgk 3D/4D ke..hehehe..

Isteri Ali said...

good info part yg hospital needs tu. nk copy bole? hihi

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

Aimi: prob. hihi

Isteri Ali said...

tq bebeh!!!!

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