February 24, 2008

Ups and downs of UTP

Hurm..this is not sumthing good or bad...but its just sumthing i dont expect.. But somehow i want to share it so that older version of utp student at least know what's going on to current utp student...hmm...kesian...

Miza, u should read this and what's ur view?

>> The legacy that never ceased

From:re-arrange blogspot.. (er..takpe ek adek..kakak nk share ni kt kwn kakak..hihi)

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miza said...

ah...mmg btl bdk junior dh tak rapat dgn senior skrg. klu ada cara pun by joining their class and be part of the group assignment. even then pun derg tak tau fungsi mirc. derg tak tau kita leh create cenel for the group utk diskas bda2 ni. everybody's relying on gtalk or ym or skype. yes, i have all three to cater the needs. i guess gtalk, ym and skype is the new mirc in utp kot... *sigh*

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

wah...klau dulu kau adalah minah irc..tp kini..kau minah segala2 nya..ym,gtalk n skype..hebat2~~!!! hehe..tp sedih nya...takda irc..hukhuk..

Anonymous said...

uik... di sini rupenye ko menyorokkan link aku aaa :P

haha. sile2 share :D

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