November 18, 2008

The Last Mimzy

I have watch this movie last Friday. I know I know I shouldn't be sneaking around during work but.. again, BUT.. I have finished all the work I've planned to do it that day..I've even completed marking all final exam paper (^_^) Nk tgk muvi punya psal! ehehe.

One more thing..I hate being disturb during watching a movie, even I know I can always pause the movie but you'll kill my excitement and pull away my satisfaction.. =( But somehow..well I know I was in the office..a lot of people walk in and and any distraction from them can be considerate ;)

Well, i love fiction movies...but somehow this movie looks real even it's a fiction, at certain moment i do believe what they've said..haha..

This story is a fiction story about 2 siblings, a brother n a sister, who found a special box of toys at the beach during their family outing. The items in the box contain cute little rabbit and a few strange rocks and a plat. Soon the kids find out that they special talents, amazing inner powers and special intelligence while playing with the toys. The girl becomes attached to the rabbit (which called Mimzy) and even can understand what the rabbit say. I love to see the way they talk to each other. The rabbit produces lovely sounds and she's so CUTEEE~~!!

Later, they know that the box that they've found at the beach is not a ordinary box but a special device from future. Mimzy is the last mimzy sent to the past, through time travel to find a cure/solution/pure soul to a disaster that has destroyed the future. The people in the future has sent thousands of mimzy but they never returned. They cant send human to the past because they'll die. So they create a toy, which consist of really high-tech device, that can go the past through time travel. The toys even have Intel processor chip, which doesn't even exist yet!

Their parents, and teachers, senses the strangeness of thier kids and started to questions the sister. Then the FBI find out about the discovery and arrest the whole family, because they tought it some kind of terrorist attack.

Isn't she cute~~ (^_^)Towards the end of the story, Mimzy explain the sister that they must return the rabbit to the future by using the device that they found with the rabbit, because Mimzy has got the undamaged DNA (so called pure soul) from the sister tears, which dropped onto Mimzy when she cried.

So what happen in the future? Hehe..see for urself! You really should see it especially for those who love kids..they are really sweet-innocent-brilliant kids~

This is really a great movie! I love it sooo much!

You can watch the review/trailer of the movie here: You Tube

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