November 9, 2008

Mozilla yang best~

Last few days..after reading one of my fren blog's . i saw a note at the bottom sidebar of his blog saying his page dont look good in IE n suggest Mozilla or other web browser. Then i think..I have used Mozilla for 3 years back in UTP..Why can't i think of it earlier aa..adoiyaii...

Actually my page do have some problem when viewing with IE. The labels n comment at the bottom is like hidden with the next post title. Then I try to install mozilla and waalaaa! It works! (^_^) The page looks better and nicer..haha.. Not nicer looks as it should be la..compared to when I used IE some elements were missing..

Sooo...I suggest let's change to Mozilla Firefox web browser too~ (for those who haven't change yet laa..for those who already did..sit quitely. I know i know..I am a little bit let behind..dont laugh!)

I dont know why this problem happen. Suppose all themes or template should work in IE since it is the most famous web browser and use world wide.. Well..who cares. Sape suh IE tak nk wat btul2. Kn rmai dh pndah web browser len..hehe.

So thanks to Mozilla! Plus..mozilla has it's own tabs. So i dont need to install yahoo toolbar ( yg sungguh berserabut dgn pelbagai icon ntah apa2). I have the older version of IE and I cant install new version of IE since my OS at home is pi**te. hehe.

@))->-- Daa~ --<-((@


Anonymous said...

I prefer FireFox than IE

Anonymous said...

saya jugak~

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