November 20, 2008

Poseidon Underwater Hotel

I was surfing for a cute hotel around the world. Wish i can go in the near future hehe (well..we do need a dream sometimes right..even not that great, at least not too poor =P ) And guess what, i've found this! The Poseidon Hotel of Fiji. I know that currently we do have around 3 so-called underwater hotel (because they are not really underwater but just below the surface of the water and they are not well-designed, not really famous and not really open worldwide.) But this totally DIFFERENT!

The Poseidon Mystery Island is competing for the title of the world’s first luxury underwater resort. The complex will be designed by Bruce Jones, famous for designing a series of $80-million luxury submarines with their own private state rooms and plush carpets, designed for voyages of up to three weeks in length. It will be set up on Fiji.
The project will cost $105 million and will be submerged next to a private island at a depth of 40 feet with an amazing view of the ocean floor.
The underwater hotel was planned to be open by end of 2008 but now it is set to open early 2009. Besides the six restaurants, seven bars, dive shop, water sports center, retail boutique, library/lounge, theater, conference room, wedding chapel, nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, you can actually feed the fish when pushing a button from a control console. An elevator gets to transport guests under the sea to the 24 suites and the luxury apartment that all have a special interior window film for privacy, even if day light hours it's nearly impossible to look into the suits from underwater. Visitors will be able to see everything from thier rooms through transparent acrylic walls and even feed fish swimming by.
Interesting right? (^_^) According to the site, they even are taking reservation by now. Jones is confident that he will be taking guest reservations for Poseidon—and that guests will pony up the $15,000-per-person, per-week reservation fee—for a long time to come.
It seems too good to be true and thier plans are beyond the actual facts, that it'll cost BIG amount of money, BIG dig construction and BIG risk than expected.
You can take a virtual tour here or read more about this Poseidon Hotel. Dream of it and it will come..just like people dreamed of going to the moon back then. So i guess this stunning design WILL be ready in the upcoming years. It just the matter of time ;)
If it's ready, I wish i can go there at least once (^_^)

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otakkirikekanan said...

pernah dengar ni.
baca dekat berita harian last 2,3 years.
Poseidon hotel kan?
entah berapa per night
gulp~ ;D

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