June 30, 2010

The return

I'm sorry for not writing for a while..like 5 days..I think? Who am I sorry to? Im not sure if i have a reader..but just in case if i have any, sorry again. And sorry too to other blogger that i havent visited for 5 days too..or more? =(

i'll make it up to u guys later k..by..'supporting' ur ads..maybe. if it's ok? ;)

so the thing is, i've been quite busy recently..not busy like really busy..but just have few things that i have to settle down first.

first of all is about my house. it's under renovation. for a few days. i've lost my kitchen, my another toilet+bathroom and trust me, my house is like.. 'tongkang pecah' already. everything in the kitchen now scatters in the hall.. we cook (simple one for sure) in the hall..eat in the hall..all my mum's cooking set are in the hall...and we even watch tv in the hall.. Dusts are everywhere..

Then we (like 4 of us) have to
share bathroom with our parents in master bedroom bathroom. it actually not a big deal but it become a problem when the 4 of us have to use the bathroom within 1 hour especially in the morning, when we (me, mum, 2 sisters) have to go to work together. It's all about time and that makes us have to wake up earlier. well u know girls..we have issues with preparing ourselves less than 15mins in the bathroom (not including ironing clothes and having breakfast) ;p And we have to like pushing each other to get into the toilet..(haha..it's exaggerating..i know.. =P) Ok2..all i want to say is..my house is horribly messy and im not in the mood of writing anything interesting..

wait..why am i writing in english anyway? oh ya..i must have been carried away with this studying thing.. ok..my bad =P

secondly, saya dapat very very very new subject this semester for very very very new program to this kampus - Dip of Business in IT (DBIT). I have to teach Object Oriented Programming in JAVA language. (Previously I teach OOP in C++ language). The different is like between coding a program in Linux and Unix. It seems similar but it require time and training to at least KNOW about the language. Is it hard? YES my dear..very hard..it's hard because.. I have no senior lecturer and no reference. I mean, i do have reference books from the library but with lack of guidance..for the start it make me lost...

"which part should teach? should i skip this? should i elaborate more on that? how can i teach them  about JAVA on their semester? how can i make them understand when they even don't know how to use power point n excel?"

all i have is the syllabus and some notes from few universities.. and i have to sta rt fresh from the handouts until the types of questions should be come out in exam later. wow..im honored..thank u. huhu..  i have a lot to struggle. i'm not just studying about Java n recall back 'what is that thing?'..but the most difficult part is to make them understand 'what is that thing'.. =( wish me good enough to do that. aminn..

thirdly.. im so into Stefan and Damon Salvatores..in Vampire Diaries ;) It's a TV series. I first watch at Channel 708, im not sure when..i was bored and i watched it. like 3 times..3 episodes. but i don't remember what time. but im sure it's at night. it started to get more and more interesting episode after episode. im become impatient to wait for the next episode so i try to download it from internet but failed. Then..lucky me, one of my friend have ALL episodes. hoho. so i downloaded it. and start to watch the series at least one episode a day..hehe. ;)

Damon - Elena - Stefan

Watch it. You're gonna LOVE it ;) Those two are hawt!

p/s: sorry for my bad english.hihi. baru perasan tp dh trpost =P


Zuraidin said...

like the new layout,

fndrocka said...

aku pun ada tertengpk V.diaries tu.walaupun takde pelakon yanga ku kenal..tapi yang pasti ramai gak yng howt baik lelaki atau pompuan.kui3

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

en zurai:
hehe. thanks! standard layout je en zurai ^^

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

they all are howt-is!! =D

fndrocka said...

Kontest Hanis & Mira terlambat pergi Exam

Nadiah Suhaidi said...

they don't know how to use power point n excel?

that's hard!!

Nina Aman said...

vampires are hot..i enjoy watching vampire diaries n the twillight saga! yay!nak boyfriend cm stefan...hehe

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