February 3, 2009

It's ME!

Now I realize that, my blog has been reading by most of people whom I know. Funny? Haha..yes..because at the start, this blog is not meant to be read by friends and colleagues. I mean, I just write it for fun and want to try ‘sumthing’ new, and want to share what I interested in some articles. This is still in the process of learning.

FYI, I never plan to state my college name in any of my post, I never state my real name. I never state who my boyfriend is and who my family is.

But most of the people, who know me, ALWAYS state my real name, state my workplace, and my family name, even my boyfriend name. At first I don’t mind. But I really hate when people exaggerating about that info like he/she knows everything what I wrote in the blog, especially bla trserempak dgn sy kt jln tetiba nk state all the term I use in blog padahal dia TAK TAU apa2 pn psal sy. Yes, I wrote that, so what? Standard la org kutuk sana sini, ckp psal itu ini. Habis kt situ dh. Nk komen, komen kt blog..takda hal..tak payah nk bawa keluar. Nk bising dlm blog, luar buat biasa dh.

Kerja is kerja, me is me. Blogging is another way I’m expressing myself..

Then baru sy realize, maybe sy ptut buat blog ni lebih disclose to all my friends since, it cant be avoided. I’ve been using that nick since I was in secondary school. So seems like EVERYONE already know that this is MY blog so I better introduce myself properly. So u guys tak perlu nk search the entire post every single information about me. ;)

Okay, I’m Nurdyana. People always called me ‘dyana’. My utpians called me ‘dy’. Work as a lecturer in KPTMBP. I accept comments in the blog not outside the blog. Tq.

Have fun here~~ (^_^)


rohaadam said...

Salam dyana,

Juz ignore the people who critise. Ur blog is good,ignore the muppets.

u working at KPTM Bp yer, kalo tak silap i one of my schoolmate working there as lecturer too.

Anonymous said...

every single word, written, spoken & even debated in one's blog is fully under individual rights.

you can blog anything u want,write 'em in your own way. totally unrestricted.

happy blogging

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

tq u guys for ur support! go amanda go!! hehe

mamaaina: sape ek? sure sy knal.

syahril ramadzan said...

go amanda eltiqaz!!

bile nk wat fmly day mpp??
nie tgh best nk knal2 ngan sume ahli....knal g rapat....hohoho....tgh fresh g blek camp....bleh r thu sape yg kpale gler cm sye.....

rohaadam said...

amanda eltiqaz,

not sure but ape yg i tahu he is working there..norhisham ..my classmate masa form five.
kalo betul just sent my regards to him.

Anonymous said...

sye nk pic mse tu....
cm ne erk???

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

mean: kita men bowling sesama nk akhir bulan ni? ;)

mamaaina: oh...dia tu plg glemer kt cni.heehehe!!

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