March 24, 2008

Enjoyable moment together~

I had a wonderful time yesterday. i went to UTM skudai with ayu to UTM to meet aman. How we got the permission to go there is another story. But i'll tell u how we enjoy our sweet, and fun time together..haha..feels like went to see bf but..this is totally different.. ;)

Still in the draft but i'll finish it when i have time. Just want to express the excitement i feel right now (^_^)

To ayu, aman, and g-da..thanks a lot! You make my day~~! love u guys a lot!! mmuaaaah~
But i love him above all =P

We took a lot of photos..try to get it from g-da later. but i'll show some of it. Its not about the photo or the location that matters..but its about the time we spent together.. =)


@))->-- See ya~ --<-((@


Anonymous said...

hehe..i'll wait 4 ur wonderous story =)

Anonymous said...

awak kat johor ye? ngaja mana ek?

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

azamhassan: aaa..trharu dpt comment awk~

ixora: a'ah. sy ngajar kt um...klau leh tak nak reveal tmpt keja knapa? awk berminat ke nk jd student sy? (^_^)

klau berminat email sy ek..hehe =P

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